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Carolyn indigenous Knoville, TnSeems to me I witnessed a video of this and it had a clip that Monica Lewinsky and also former chairman Clinton in it. Walk anyone rather remember that?Pat native Albuquerque, NmIn the mid-70s, a bunch the us supplied to frequent the Gaslight Inn on the south Side that Indianapolis. Over there were two guys, "Paul and also EB," that played acoustic music (that"s right, lock couldn"t purchased amps) ~ above Thursdays v Saturdays. They always played "Why Don"t We get Drunk" at least once per evening, through the patrons always singing along. Sometimes a pair would "get lucky" and also leave early. Frequently they"d obtain serenaded through this tune as lock went out the door.Unfortunately, the bar owner to be an alcoholic drinking up too lot of the profits, and the bar closeup of the door by 1980. As well bad--it to be a good little bar.Thomas from Somerville, AlI was fired top top the clues for play this song on the radio. It to be worth it. Ns offended about 3000 southerly Baptists and also got my name in the paper. Many thanks Jimmy.Barb from Meadow Vista, CaI used to crank increase the stereo and also clean house, however when this track came on, ns ran to revolve it down. Too late. My young child heard and it said yea! Let"s gain drunk in ~ school, I began to exactly him, however thought better of it. Years later saw Utley in Catlina (So Cal), to buy his cd and also told that the story. Sure enough at the next JB concet ns attended, Jimmy made reference to my story. My one and also only brush v fame.Jon Isaacson from Tower, MnI think the lyrics usage the phrase "snuff queen," not "snow queen." It"s a nation musician term because that groupies.Gary from Morgantown, WvFrom the 1978 album, "Live! You had actually To be There," Jimmy said, "...right right here in Atlanta, Georgia, where the totality nucleus the this following song came from. Sittin" in the Marriot Hotel one so late afternoon, early one morning, ns don"t know, city hall this lady that the evening try to pick up a salesman from Tuskogee, Alabama..."Darrell from EugeneWhenever ns go ~ above a roadway trip, I always take mine 1978 dodge Magnum, but that"s kind of turn off the topic. Anyway, I have actually several Buffett albums ~ above 8-track, and on at least one, "Why Don"t We get Drunk" is one of the songs, and whenever i play Jimmy Buffett on a road expedition (which is often), "Why Don"t We gain Drunk" and "A Love song from a Different suggest of View" (which is basically the exact same song with slightly various lyrics), Serena (my girlfriend) constantly substitutes the F-word because that "screw". Yes, that F-word. An excellent thing I"m not Christian.Dennis from Turner, MeAlways love this satire. But the real definition of the song and also its irreverance hit residence when ns walked right into my brother"s memorial company a few years ago and it was blasting native the sound system. Jimmy was among his favourite performers and this tune was a fitting tribute to mine bro"s love of life.I simply returned from Margaritaville and also this is among my existing anthems...Maggie native Waynesville, OhIts a song obviosly about sex yet unlike various other songs nobody feel pressured into having sex. Its various then songs of today by liek a Fergie or someone.Ken from Louisville, KyThis tune was supplied in the movie "The Doctor". Wilhelm Hurt theatre a love surgeon who has to have a life-saving throat cancer surgery. Just before he go under anesthesia, the operated doctor plays this song, knowing that it is just one of the Hurt"s charcter"s favourite to have on while the was operating on a patient. Hurt allows out a huge laugh as soon as the registered nurses sing along before he "goes under".Bosco indigenous Atlanta, GaThis track was written in piedmont park in Atlanta. Jimmy tells us this every time that is on phase in the an excellent ATL.Shell indigenous Riverdale, Ga"I thought back to a late-night in an Atlanta diner wherein I was eating and also watched this out-of-focus company man do the efforts to pick up a hooker." Betcha a dollar come a doughnut it was The Majestic top top Ponce de Leon Ave. It"s been there because 1929 and the clientele could best be explained as "eclectic". The Clermont Hotel, house of the sleaziest titty bar in Atlanta, the Clermont Lounge, is appropriate down the road and also the area provided to be ate up with hookers prior to the yuppification the the area damaged the...uh...ambiance.Dave indigenous Pomeroy, OhThis was written by Buffett, be the credit visited an alias of his Marvin Gardenssee an ext comments
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"Tomorrow People" by Ziggy Marley is the an initial song through a Marley to cracked the US optimal 40; the highest Bob acquired was #51 through "Roots, Rock, Reggae."

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Fifth Harmony was going to speak to their track "Work," but they changed it come "Work indigenous Home" as soon as Rihanna exit a track with that title.

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The Goo Goo Dolls acquired the title because that their tune "Iris" from a nation singer named Iris DeMent.

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The Strokes admitted come purloining Tom small & the Heartbreakers" "American Girl" for their hit "Last Nite."

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Sea creatures discussed in "Rock Lobster" through The B-52"s include a jellyfish, piranha, bikini whale and also narwhal.

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Christopher Cross through Deep Purple? Kenny Loggins in Caddyshack? A fact or Fiction all around yacht rock and those who made it.

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Mike Rutherford talks about the "Silent Running" storyline and also "Land of Confusion" in the period of Trump.

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