(At the 1980 Republican Convention in mountain Francisco a copy that the Reagan text, minus that is title and the to run sideheads, and furnished through the seal the the Republican Party, was dispersed by part puckish pro-situationists come the RNC delegates. The was accepted for what it resembled: a psychological position record on the candidate’s subliminal appeal, i was delegated by part maverick think-tank.)

WHY I desire TO posesthe RONALD REAGAN <1967> by JG Ballard

RONALD REAGAN and THE theoretical AUTO DISASTER. Countless studies have been performed upon patients in terminal paresis (GPI), place Reagan in a collection of simulated auto crashes, e.g. Multiple pileups, head-on collisions, motorcade strikes (fantasies of Presidential assassinations remained a proceeding preoccupation, subject mirroring a significant polymorphic fixation on windshields and also rear tribe assemblies). Powerful erotic fantasies of one anal-sadistic surrounded the image of the Presidential contender.

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Subjects were required to build the optimum auto catastrophe victim by put a replica of Reagan’s head top top the unretouched photographs of crash fatalities.

In 82% of instances massive rear-end collisions were selected v a choice for to express fecal matter and rectal hemorrhages. More tests were conducted to specify the optimum model-year. These suggest that a three year design lapse with kid victims administer the best audience excitation (confirmed by manufacturers’ researches of the optimum auto disaster). It is hoped to build a rectal modulous the Reagan and also the auto catastrophe of maximized audience arousal.

Motion snapshot studies that Ronald Reagan reveal characteristic trends of facial tones and musculature linked with homoerotic behavior. The proceeding tension of buccal sphincters and the recessive tongue role tally with previously studies of face rigidity (cf., Adolf Hitler, Nixon). Slow-motion cine movies of project speeches worked out a significant erotic result upon an audience that spastic children. Even with mature adult the verbal product was found to have a minimal effect, together demonstrated through substitution of one edited tape giving diametrically opposed opinions…

INCIDENCE the ORGASMS IN FANTASIES OF sex-related INTERCOURSE with RONALD REAGAN. Patients were provided with assembly kit photographs of sexual partners throughout intercourse. In each situation Reagan’s face was super implemented upon the initial partner. Vaginal intercourse v “Reagan” verified uniformly disappointing, developing orgasm in 2% the subjects.

Axillary, buccal, navel, aural, and also orbital modes produced proximal erections. The preferred mode of entrance overwhelmingly verified to it is in the rectal. After ~ a preliminary course in anatomy it was found that the caecum and also transverse colon also detailed excellent sites because that excitation. In severe 12% of cases, the simulated anus of post-costolomy surgery produced spontaneous orgasm in 98% that penetrations. Multiple-track cine-films were constructed of “Reagan” in intercourse during (a) campaign speeches, (b) rear-end auto collisions v one and three year design changes, (c) with rear exhaust assemblies…

SEXUAL FANTASIES IN link WITH RONALD REAGAN. The genitalia the the Presidential competitor exercised a continuing fascination. A collection of imagine genitalia were constructed using (a) the mouth parts of Jacqueline Kennedy, (b) a Cadillac, (c) the assembly kid prepuce of president Johnson…In 89% of cases, the built genitalia generated a high incidence that self-induced orgasm. Tests show the masturbatory nature that the Presidential contender’s posture. Dolls consisting of plastic models of Reagan’s alternating genitalia were discovered to have actually a disturbing impact on deprived children.

REAGAN’S HAIRSTYLE. Studies were conducted on the significant fascination worked out by the Presidential contender’s hairstyle. 65% that male topics made optimistic connections in between the hairstyle and also their own pubic hair. A series of optimum hairstyles to be constructed.

THE theoretical ROLE of REAGAN. Fragments of Reagan’s cinetized postures were supplied in the building and construction of design psychodramas in i beg your pardon the Reagan-figure played the function of husband, doctor, insurance money salesman, marriage counselor, etc.

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The failure of these roles to refer any an interpretation reveals the nonfunctional character of Reagan. Reagan’s success because of this indicates society’s periodic need to re-conceptualize its politics leaders. Reagan thus shows up as a collection of posture concepts, simple equations i m sorry reformulate the roles of aggression and also anality. Reagan’s personality. The extensive anality of the Presidential contender may be intended to conquer the United states in the coming years. By contrast the late JFK continued to be the prototype that the dental subject, normally conceived in pre-pubertal terms. In further studies sadistic psychopaths were given the task of devising sex fantasies entailing Reagan. Outcomes confirm the probability that Presidential numbers being perceived primarily in genital terms; the confront of LB Johnson is clearly genital in significant appearance–the nasal prepuce, scrotal jaw, etc. Deals with were seen as either circumcised (JFK, Khrushchev) or uncircumcised (LBJ, Adenauer). In assembly-kit tests Reagan’s confront was uniformly viewed as a penile erection. Patients were urged to devise the optimum sex-death the Ronald Reagan.