Most likely you have heard around the poet Walt Whitman, also if girlfriend haven’t heard several of his work, you absolutely heard about the Walt Whitman bridge. This leg is distinctive and an extremely special for countless reasons, very first of every it is just one of the largest bridges top top the east shore of the U.S. Some world don’t even know just how old this bridge is and the meaning behind it, well if friend are one of those people, you room in the right ar learn all of that.

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The building of this bridge started ago in 1953 and also it was opened up to the general public just four years later on in 1957 i beg your pardon was thought about to it is in a normal structure time earlier then. Nowadays, through the modern technology that we have actually now and also with every the understanding that we have actually gathered, the designers can develop a similar or also a bigger bridge in just a year or two. Us hope the you love learning brand-new things becauseall that our articles have education purpose.

This is a massive bridge and you can tell that once you space standing on it, with its seven lanes the is a an extremely important part of the community there. This bridge is painted in a very special and unusual color and that is green. Every the various other bridges the you take a look in ~ don’t have actually such unique color, for this reason there has to be a deeper definition behind this repaint job. We are below to talk around that deeper meaning of the color green ~ above the Walt Whitman bridge.


Learning around the symbolism the this bridge is an extremely important because that is the only method you can understand why people select this color. That’s why we suggest read all of this and educate yourself about the deeper and also symbolic an interpretation of this bridge. One of the main theories that people have about this green painted leg is that it is a symbol of green power or renewable energy. That course, that could not it is in true because there space no facts or any kind of proof about this theory. A many locals who room from the area and who usage the bridge always say the the bridge has actually a strange vibe anytime they walk on it.

As always, there space other people who strong disagree with that and also they have their very own theories the we room going come talk about later. Back in 1953 when the building started, the renewable energy wasn’t something world were talking around because lock didn’t have actually this type of an innovation that we have actually now.

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Green Future

One thing we deserve to take indigenous this and that is the fact that world are talking around renewable or green energy more often when they room close come this bridge and that is a good thing. We have tolearn just how vital this kind of power will it is in for united state in the future. If we want to conserve our planet, us will have to turn to this renewable energy sources due to the fact that they are exceptionally environment-friendly.