—A normally gifted, liquid athlete with explosive ice cream in pass protection and also the run game.

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—Bends well and has the flexibility to take care of speed rushers turn off the edge.

—Day one impact in the pass game and also has smooth movement to protect the corner.

—High-level instincts and awareness. His tape shows a high soccer IQ.

—Excellent in space, whereby his athleticism and agility present up.

—Showed post-knee injury in 2017 the he have the right to play mean and also bury pass-rushers.

—Will be 20 years old as soon as drafted.


—Missed half the season in 2017 since of the knee injury (no surgical procedure required).

—Arms measure up at just 33 inches with a wingspan that 77 ⅞ inches. Both are low because that tackles.

—Multiple scouts we spoke with suggested a move to guard, ala Zack Martin.

—Weighed in under 300 pounds in ~ the incorporate (296 lbs).

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—Play regressed in 2017 prior to injury.

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