Tonight top top CBS their brand-new crime drama Wisdom of the crowd premieres through an all-new Sunday, November 5, 2017, episode and also we have your Wisdom the the group recap below. ~ above tonight’s Wisdom that the group season 1 illustration 6 “Trojan Horse,” together per the CBS synopsis, “Cavanaugh requirements Sophe’s assist to locate the resource of a fatal online an obstacle that is targeting vulnerable teens.”

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Tommy the town hall a video clip of a 15-year old that freshly died. In the video, he is seen committing suicide. Tommy no think other is right. He knows who to bring it to.

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Jeff and also Sara look in ~ a picture of Mia. There is a sub-group the end there that has questions about a pullover in the background.

Tommy comes to visit Jeff and Sara. He has actually some questions around what their an innovation can carry out for his case. V so lot background noise in the video, he can not hear what Evan’s critical words were. Castle look at the video. After part research, they determine that Evan is speaking Russian.

Jeff call Tommy come tell him the they think Evan took component in a self-destruction pact, a brand-new trend where children follow steps to immortality. Tommy is top top the scene of a 2nd suicide. Tommy, Jeff and also the gang obtain together to look at your findings. They require to figure out who these youngsters are connecting with online.

Sara goes v Tommy come visit Evan’s home and to look with his room. Sara would favor to lend Evan’s computer. The parents space okay v it. They just want answers.

Jeff speak to a Sophe user around who she thinks might fit the file of a cult leader. He isn’t sure if the should short article the story due to the fact that he doesn’t want to glorify suicide. The user tells him the is a myth. The should write-up it to raise awareness. He offers the team the walk ahead.

The computer systems go crazy. The customers think the the pullover in Mia’s apartment could lead to her killer. It is not her sweater, it is a men’s x-large.

Sara goes come visit a brand-new victim called Zoey who has actually been play the game. Zoey refuses to speak or tell them anything. Sara make the efforts to factor with her. Sara tells her mom to take it away she phone and her computer. Zoey gets upset and also heads to she room. Her mommy asks them come leave. Tommy wants to understand if Sara is it s okay she is really getting upset end this case. Top top their way out, Sara watch a bumper sticker on, the very same one she witnessed in Evan’s room.

Back in ~ the office, Tareke and the others create a fake profile to reach out to someone they think is to run the game. Tareke acts a little bit domineering. Sara it s okay mad and also yells at him. She leaves the room. Jeff follows her. He to know this might be difficult for her because her brother eliminated himself 15 year ago. She is fine, she tells him. The tells she to take it all the time she needs.

Josh and also Tareke head out around the city to watch where the stickers are being given out.

Sara it s okay a direct message indigenous an anonymous user who wants to help. They connect with him via video. The keeps his confront blurred and his voice unrecognizable. He desires them come send that a scan of the sticker. He has actually equipment and connections the can aid them.

Tommy complies with a lead on a suspect called Jason. He tracks him down and brings that in. Jeff concerns the station and watches as Jason is interrogated. He is cocky and arrogant. He calls his stickers simply an art project. That rejects any kind of wrongdoing. However he go think this tiny game gets rid that weak people. Tommy needs to use force to get Tommy to open up his phone with his fingerprint.

The team gets to occupational trying to figure out what Jason has been increase to and to find every one of his victims. Josh monitor one down that is about to jump. Josh tries to connect with him. It works. The young boy doesn’t take his life. The cops arrive and also he goes v them.

They establish Zoey is just one of his victims. They call her phone. Her mother answers. She checks her room. Zoey is gone. She is on top of a building. Sara is mad at herself since she told the mom to take away her phone. Jeff and also the gang put out a write-up on Sophe trying come track down Zoey. Two males spot her. They follow her. Josh connects v them. Sara bring away the phone to the office. Sara make the efforts to talk to her. Zoey was standing on the ledge when Sara confides in her around her brother and also how he eliminated himself. She begs her no to take far memories her brothers deserves to have, to rob him that his large sister. Zoey’s mother shows up. Zoey gets down.

Jeff involves Sara. That hugs her and tells she she is incredible. Tommy watches as Jason is hauled off in handcuffs.

Jeff and also Sara kiss their way through the front door. A computer system alert comes in around the sweater. Sara posts the designer that the sweater. Over there were only 1,000 created.

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The doubt gets an alert from Sophe. The takes the pullover off and also puts it in a dumpster. He walks off.