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This is not a overview for a specific nation to complete the 1975 conquest yet rather a reminder on exactly how to fight with the aliens. I am not certain if I miss something the end so if you uncover or want anything you re welcome let e know.First, we need to understand the alien behaviors. These are what I find out from fighting aliens.Aliens have tendency to monitor a specific targetIt seems that extraterrestrial AI locks top top a details target. The target can be a city, a port, or one oil field. When they are collection on a target, lock will move that direction and attack noþeles on castle way. This typical that they space not loitering roughly killing her troops.Aliens have the right to be idleOnce an alien obtain to that is target, it will either move to a brand-new target or sitting over there doing nothing. Uneven you obtain too close to an idle alien, you can pretend the it is not there.Aliens love to assault citiesIf alien"s target is one of your city, it will certainly move directly to it. As soon as it gets close come the city v will strike the city. This mean that if you have a city within alien"s assault range, your troops about the city will certainly be safe. This actions is an extremely important.

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Note: These behaviors are purely from mine observations and might no be how the alien AI really is.===================================================================Based top top the habits above, here"s the tricks come fight v the aliens.Defending your cities from alien assault (and also kill them)Since we understand that aliens like to assault city, you deserve to have one cheap disposable unit was standing in the city. This will lure the aliens to focus fire on the unit. Then strike the alien with rocket artillery.
Above shows a snapshot of alien Carrier attack Cairo. I defend it with cheap infantry. The alien will ignore all of my rocket artillery and also only assault the city therefore I deserve to bombard it without taking any type of damage (except for the negative infantry).Note that any kind of infantry is a great tank against Alien Carrier. One irradiate infantry can take at least 3-4 access time from it. However, The UFO is one more story. It has Snipe (deal 75% extra damages on infantry) and Assault (can proceed after a kill) skills so I deserve to kill friend infantry and also capture the city in one round. So I would use field artillery to protect the city if the attacker is UFO. Also, if the unit defending the city is injured, relocate it out and create a brand-new one. I uncover Alien transport is much easier to manage than the UFO. So if there space both UFO and also Carrier, then kill UFO an initial as they have actually less health and are more troublesome.Your ally is defeated
When an ally of you is defeated, every the aliens attacked that allied will adjust to a new target. If the new target is your various other allies then fine yet if that is you then you are in trouble since it will certainly be a many them come at then exact same time. So clock out when you see a prompt the tells you her ally is defeated. When that happens look the aliens around and also see whereby they room heading for this reason you can prepare her defense early on. A good way is to construct a most rocket artillery. Since they most likely come in pack, you deserve to have a multiple fight on many targets with a fill of rocket artillery. This deserve to thin your number really quick.Destroying alien BaseIn the conquest, extraterrestrial Base are located 3 hex far from a city. Use this to make use of alien behaviors. If there is a unit in the city, the base will keep assault the city. Because all alien bases have actually a city within attacking range, you can nullify its strike by keeping an infantry in the city together a decoy. Irradiate infantry have the right to take 2-3 hits.
From snapshot above, the base will only attack Bogota therefore I simply shoot it down with rockets. I store Patton on supervisor tank far from the base since his assault can be countered. Basically, you can destroy an extraterrestrial base without her rocket artillery gaining a scratch (poor infantry again).Distracting alien
Since aliens will certainly be solved to your targets. You deserve to take her time having motorized infantry move about capturing things, favor oil areas or villeges. Basically, noþeles at every regardless of whether you desire them. This is to include the variety of targets because that aliens come follow. Because that example, as soon as a UFO comes to get oil field A, you run to oil field B and also when it concerns oil field B girlfriend run approximately to oil ar A. This is prefer play tag.You do it well, you have the right to manipulate them come run about for a an extremely long time. Ago dooringI assume that you have PMI (Para-Motorized-Infantry). As I point out above, aliens will certainly be resolved on something and also that is not essential their captured cities. In short, they execute not protect their cities.

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Above picture shows that, indigenous Britain, i drop PMI approximately northern France and also let them loose. The key is to look for any kind of unprotected cities and also capture them. You deserve to ignore every the aliens that are in idle state (e.g. Sit in urban or oil field). Because PMI moves really fast and also hits city wall hard so you have the right to run about plundering urban in Europe. Perform not afraid of aliens taking a city back. Let them be, it will certainly be rubbish of source defending it. You deserve to run to more cities when they room busy acquisition the city back. This can rise your economic situation a lot and distract the aliens.Nuking "em
To capture a city safeguarded by one alien, I uncover nuking that is an ext economically feasible. One nuke expenses 300 yellow + 160/180/210 gold because that dropping that (depends on how). The complete cost is 460-510 yellow which is much cheaper than sending out your troops. Normally, regular nuclear bomb is preferable due to the fact that it is cheaper and also takes less time come build. Hydrogen bomb is situational once aliens come in pack. I mostly use nukes for ruin aliens in cities prior to I record them but I hardly ever use nukes for defending objective because, v the strategy mention early, it is not necessary. Anyway, ns nuke extraterrestrial Carrier every now and also then because I am lazy to kill it v rockets. So my tip is that nuke is optional in the beforehand phase. Ns would fairly spend my resources building rocket artillery instead. Units against aliensI heavily rely ~ above rocket artillery and also motorized infantry.- Rocket Artillery: The most necessary unit to fight against aliens. Its attacks cannot be countered and it won"t get hit as lengthy as over there is a poor infantry or ar artillery in a surrounding city.- motorized Infantry: largely use for guerrilla warfare. Hit and also run and capture a city and run gain.- field Artillery: only use because that defending a city versus UFO.- plane Carrier: This is optional yet if you can build them in a pack then you have the right to fight aliens easily. Anyway, by the time you have the right to afford structure them in pack, you are most likely sure the you would victory already.- supervisor Tank: Not really useful together they are hit really hard and the strike can it is in countered. I placed Guderian ~ above a super tank because that killing multiple dilute UFO. If you usage it to fight v undamaged aliens, girlfriend would have the tank spend much more time repairing in a city than fighting in the former line. I also put Rommel on a rocket artillery rather of a supervisor tank.