I"ve been play Wows since October 2015 and since approximately November I"m for sure in love for the german pearl (cruisers and battleships). Now that I finally got my Hindenburg the fun in the video game is concentrated in upgrading mine Roon captain to the Großadmiral rank (19 suggest captain). In the average time I uncovered interesting come share with the community my thoughts on what I take into consideration the finest line in the game: The germans.

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First points you should recognize before beginning your grind the the an excellent Hindenburg is that the germans are very unique in its delivery characteristics. Your key strenght counts in your artillery, there is no a an excellent artillery and aim this cruisers come to be utterly useless. Your AP rounds space the strongest in the whole game and, also though low tier has better results through HE, you must know just how they job-related because, starting on tier five, you will more than likely forget your HE (It"s a trap, don"t perform it). However the key weakness of these ships is in your armor. German armor is amongst the worst in the game and the an easy with german cruisers (along with knowing AP usage) is delivery angling, without it girlfriend won"t be merely useless, you will certainly be demolished indigenous the surface. With that being said I think it"s time for me to evaluation the individual ships (yeah, this was the intro, for this reason be ready for some vast texts).


The Hermelin, Dresden and also Kolberg won"t it is in reviewed through the basic fact that they room all simply HE spammers, a the majority of guns and also are put in a tier whereby strategy is frequently forgotten in battles. If any kind spirit wants to create them under below, feel free

I refuse to testimonial the Karlsruhe because that the straightforward fact that I think about it, by far, the worst ship in the game. Hence I believe that i haven"t play it correctly and once I have actually time to start playing that I"ll write-up a good review below in the thedesigningfairy.com.



In mine opinion, the best cruiser in the whole game. So an excellent that some of you could see me cruising it around since I"ve determined her to upgrade my captain. Its the very first ship the actually shows the course of the german line: weak armor, precise and powerful guns, decent torpedos and a good speed. The armor goes as much as 50mm thick, i beg your pardon is record against any ship because tier 5 (even the 130mm indigenous the russian destroyer Gnevny have the right to citadel you... To trust me, I provided to carry out so in mine), so angle your ship in order come engage any enemy. The guns are great, even though they have actually the shortest caliber in tier 5, the amount of damages that the AP rounds can do is amazing. Any type of ship that offers you a broadside should get shot by AP, even some battleships if they are at 12km away or closer. But your ROF is so great that you deserve to spam he on those battleships and also get some nice fire damage. I acquired to say that this reminder is much more for those ocasions on to be you space fighting a strongly armoured battleship at range, so once your shells acquire to the target the kinectic pressure isn"t enough to permeate the armor. In this tier you receive the torpedos that will certainly be used on all german cruisers till the Hindenburg: 6km through decent damages and relatively quick, but they are EMERGENCY TORPEDOS for this reason don"t get too excited around it. The manueverability and concealment are an extremely standard, every german cruisers stay in between 31 and 32,5 knts peak speed and also with the Königsberg is no different (32,5 knts).Enjoy this ship, use the to take lessons and also make sure to understand how to play through it, she"s the "role-model" to the future german cruisers for this reason if girlfriend don"t like angling your armor or making use of AP as main option girlfriend should far better think around quitting this tree.



This is basically a modernized Königsberg, she maintains similar guns (you get a 1.5sec reduction on her reload time and also have a much better traverse speed, yet the shells are still the same) and the same armor, yet she is a tiny slower to manuever and I discovered it to be a little more challenging to play because her games are on higher tiers (Shells hit you harder and also enemies room better). With the Nürrnberg you find out something really importaant on german cruisers: remain IN THE BACK. With the Königsberg you can go for suicide runs on other cruisers or battleships and still acquire out of the alive, the situation isn"t the very same with the Nürnberg. Her citadel is substantial and girlfriend will gain it hit a most times, but if you remain at range dropping your AP shells through your insane ROF i guarantee that you will certainly deal great damage. Your main targets are the batlleships, your armor is kinda weak compared to your AP for this reason you will certainly often uncover yourself getting 5k dmg in one salvo, and also when you have the right to shoot every 7s that will add up causing a good damage. Simply want to be clear about one thing, this ship is the one the I the very least liked between tier 5 come 10, purely because I only discovered how the is intended to be play on the last 15k xp required for the Yorck, so continue to be at range spamming your AP and also don"t it is in the first ship in between the adversary fleet and your allies... You will certainly regret it.



Yes, the Yorck is a papership, give up on do the efforts to uncover it in wikipedia. A lot of world used to dislike this ship, however I merely loved it, firstly since she is beautiful and 2nd because she"s great. The armor it s okay a "huge" improvement, goes from 50mm come 80mm (citadels room still a big concern because that you, but after the Nürnberg girlfriend should more than likely be provided to that already), the weapons look fantastic when you view that they are 210mm, but, even though they room the second largest cruiser caliber, that"s no actually the case. The arcs room insane and, when you consider that through german cruisers the ideal is to remain at range, you discover it a little an overwhelming to hit the targets. The turret rate is painfuly slow-moving so you learn another great thing that will certainly be offered on any kind of other ship: arrangement were to suggest your guns before entering the fights so, when you do, you have them prepared to fire at the target. Remember around the APs? forget them! The Yorck arcs room so large that when your shells struggle the opponents they dont have actually the force to pass through the armor for this reason you will be making use of HE most of the time and, since the caliber that the Yorck"s firearms is an excellent you deserve to do some an extremely solid damages with it. Yet don"t forget AP, if you uncover yourself in a hit closer 보다 12km with one more cruiser or battleship her arcs become normal and also the kinectic force return to your shells resulting in a an excellent amount of damages per salvo if girlfriend hit the appropriate spots in the enemy. 


Admiral Hipper

My favourite ship in the entire Kriegsmarine, together with the mighty Bismarck. The admiral Hipper doesn"t see much innovation in the armor, yet her guns end up being the fenomenal german weapons that you follow you till the end of the line. The arcs room great, the AP is excellent and with the 203mm caliber finally reaching the german cruisers you start having actually the feeling of high tier war in the german side. The main problem that a Hipper captain must keep in mind is the HP. In the tiers wich the Hipper theatre the shells room very strong and her armor is also weak, so also when you don"t obtain a shoot in the citadel you will lose a an excellent amount of HP. As soon as I was playing my Hipper I used to get citadeled rather a lot, even with the angling, however when i played against other Hippers through my Roon, ns found really diffcult come citadel them. Ns don"t understand if its poor aiming that mine or just negative RNG, but the Hipper may be quite solid sometimes. Currently going come artillery, forget the HE. Seriously, your AP is so good that ns advice firing it also on destroyers and also carriers, and your the is really negative so girlfriend will often kill these ships much faster with the AP rounds than you would with HE. The guns of the Hipper are good but they have one downside: you turrets are doubled barreled, which method only 8 round per salvo (I know that in the Yorck it was the same, however at this point you start lacking some an ext firepower). And the manueverability starts getting to the turns-like-a-brick-level, i beg your pardon is standard for every one of the high tier cruisers, at the very least on the germans and, especially, the russians. It"s a very fun ship, among my favorites and I yes, really miss her, hope you guys like it too.


Captain Skills: 

1-Basic shoot Training 

2- expert Marksman

3- Vigilance

4- progressed Firing Training

5- Concealment Expert




Another papership, give up trying to find it too. The Roon is one of the many fenomenal and also underrated cruisers in the game. It"s basically a heavy cruiser version of the Nürnberg and also it is spetacular. Firstly, the armor becomes in reality acceptable going come the 100mm ~ above the citadel (forget the in instance you space fighting a Yamato) and also the weapons become, in my opinion, among the ideal in the game (very accurate, solid and decently fast). The 203mm i do not care triple-barreled and also now you deserve to do one insane lot of damage on adversary ships. The ship is sort of sluggish in terms of manueverability (it"s rate is standard, yet the transforming used come piss me turn off sometimes) and also the concealment i do not care your best enemy because the battleships can citadel you from 20km+ therefore be an extremely cautious around it. The ship relies on its accuracy, not much else to be said around it, shoot AP top top broaside targets and also HE on greatly angled battleships and armoured cruisers (the that on tier 9 and 10 are decent). The ship is really versatile, you deserve to go for AA, Range, and Concealment builds and also you don"t necessarily have to choose between them. I supplied to shot to mix the 3 on mine, had actually something about 88 AA rating, 20.7km range on my guns and also 12km concealment (couldn"t get Concealment professional in time, but if i did the would autumn to approximately 10km) with the range of 24km if I provided a spotter aircraft. Ns recommend utilizing your 3rd captain suggest on Superintendent due to the fact that now you have actually the fix party consumable. The Roon is a fantastic ship and I uncovered its just downside to be the plan of the turrets (1 in the front and 2 in the aft) but that can be conveniently dealt with. Also though she"s a great ship you have to respect her, if you push her also much into the adversary lines you will certainly regret and also the regret becomes bigger as soon as you watch the fix costs.



Finnaly you reached your reward! I"ll be honest to you, I have actually never play my Hindenburg yet. I take into consideration it so one-of-a-kind that I made decision to play it only as soon as I finishing installing every upgrades and also when mine captain reaches the 19 points. But I won"t end it prefer this, the Hindenburg gets a 10mm improvement on armor, getting to the 110mm and also receives a one extra turret ~ above the front, therefore I suppose it come play favor a hard-hitting variation of the Hipper (harder-hitting lol). However I think that ns am as anxious come play it as i was in ~ the start of it all, earlier there on the Dresden


I"m play the Hindenburg now (40k xp), and it"s simply the ideal ship I have actually played so much in this game. The guns are just fantastic, the armor is qualified of providing great protection, the manueverability is standard and doesn"t let me down. It"s a great ship but, as with all various other german cruisers, you got to respect her. Also though she will most likely resist if you press her come her limits I preffer come play a little conservative because of the repair bills

... You will certainly literally feel prefer the king that the seas, however you have the right to still sink so treat her prefer if it was your genuine ship, continue to be at a decent range (13km+) and also drop the shells as fast as friend can, the guns are acurrate and you are capable of doing about 3k a salvo every 10 seconds. You require to have a most awareness for this reason pay attention to what is happening around you all the time.


Ship Setup:

Main armaments modification 1 - the rest is useless

AA Guns modification 2 - friend will want a good AA rating, and in this construct you will obtain 100

Gun Fire manage System alteration 2 - The extra range is an excellent at this ship, the reload mod is acceptable as well

Damage Control change 1 - Engine and rudder space well protected, so go for this one

Steering Gears change 2 - her rudder change time is high, this will make her more agile

Concealment System modification 1 - She is a large ship, a good concealment may aid in her survivability if you uncover yourself alone


Captain Skills:

1- simple Firing training - component of the 100 AA plan

2- professional Marksman - That will certainly make your turret quicker, i m sorry is useful, and the other options are not that helpful as well

3- Superintendent - you will obtain a extra heal and also I think the is important. Vigilance is a viable alternative as well

4- advanced Firing training - That will certainly buff her AA A LOT

4- Demolition skilled - The much better fire opportunity is yes, really useful, BBs at high tiers know exactly how to edge well and you will never penetrate a bow-on Yamato

5- Concealment professional - much better concealment is always welcome is high tier matches wherein there space 400mmish rounds flying everywhere


I don"t use the AA barrage consumable, I discovered the german Hydro to it is in really reliable on spotting torpedoes and also the pesky DDs, and also with this AA build you deserve to stop the attacks of CVs. However, if you desire a finish annihilation of the bombers and feel safe against torps, gain the AA barrage.


Special Hints:

-When you space playing a cruiser that has actually 2 turrets aft and also one in the former (Königsberg, Nürnberg or Roon), revolve you stern come the enemy and also start reversing her engines, your optimal speed will certainly be roughly 12knts, giving you the oportunity to uncover your confortable spot come drop great salvos on the enemy and still being rather angled

- The manuever listened above is an ext usedful v the Königsberg, purely since its stern has the inter-war duration design, current on the Yorck as well, making it harder come hit and penetrate (you can get penetraded from the deck, so don"t obtain too excited)

- I provided my Yorck together a destroyer hunter every time the i had actually the oportunity to perform it there is no the interference, the manueverability of the Yorck is quite good and the weapons pack some severe punch through that caliber, so as soon as you combine great aim through effective WASD hacks the destroyers won"t get a chance.

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- constantly respect your ship, the german persons have really unique characteristics and every captain needs to know her ship if he desires to it is in succesful, so search on tips and stats of your ship prior to saying the is garbage, occasionally the difficulty is on friend (like I claimed with the Karlsruhe), resolve it and improve.