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The Worst Cooks In America finale is this evening at 9pm on the Food Network through Amber Brauner representing Team Bobby and also Jamie cutting board representing Team Anne. Lock both have to produce three food meals in a professional kitchen, and the contestant the does a far better job will take home $25,000 and bragging rights for their mentor.Here room their Contestant Bio"s indigenous the push release before the season started:Amber Brauner (Redlands, CA): For single mom Amber, the kitchen is an emotionally place since it brings earlier memories of her late mother. She and also her mother had children very young, and also Amber often gets mistake for she daughter’s sister. All of her dishes are either bland or burnt, and also her friends have even referred to as her cooking worse 보다 prison food. She is discouraged and also would rather ink that up in ~ the tattoo parlor whereby she works as a tattoo artist 보다 stink it up in the kitchen. Amber has four kids and while they manage the food preparation for themselves, they are worried the if Amber doesn’t discover to cook, she will certainly never uncover a husband and end up alone when the kids move out.Jamie Thomas (New York): Jamie has a sophisticated palate and also loves good food, however he to know nothing around making it. His career as a flight attendant has actually exposed him to authentic cuisines from approximately the world, but Jamie was as soon as turned down for a position because he couldn’t do a simple omelette. His husband and also family are expert home cooks, and also Jamie knows he demands to increase his cook repertoire past sticks the butter, cold cereal and the microwave. The looks forward to sooner or later hosting fabulous dinner parties with his husband in their new York apartment.Regarding Amber having children young, and article in a local post has Amber being 36 years old, through her children"s periods Brianne, 22, Zoi, 18 (she to be the one that nominated she for the show and was ~ above the last episode), Ashton, 17, and Avery, 13. That way Amber had her an initial child at 14 year old.Amber additionally models for a group she phone call the "Crazy Ladyz" and acts, including some appearances together an extra on sons of Anarchy. Plenty of of she modeling photos are on she Instagram account if you room interested. There room a lot of of photos of her without her garments on to present off tattoos, like this one, therefore beware if you room looking at work (Instagram is safe for work, yet just a warning). Her daughter Zoi, who was top top the present last week, additionally models through her mom, and also here is she Instagram account.There wasn"t much more information on Jamie the end there, for this reason his bio as a trip attendant feather to enhance his cooking skills to someday organize dinner parties will certainly suffice.As of composing this, the Food Network pan vote has actually 65% of the civilization rooting for Jamie/Team Anne with 35% rooting because that Amber/Team Bobby. Over there are also people complaining about Amber"s nails and Jamie"s sexual preference.

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It"s just a reality display for entertainment, so no need to take points so seriously.I will update this post after the illustration airs to reveal the winner of season 5 of Worst Cooks In America.The winner is now listed after the break:Amber Brauner impressed the judges more with she 3 food meal and won the $25,000 and the bragging civil liberties for Bobby Flay. Congratulations come Amber!

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