I"ve seen this sentence used massively by people on social media posts. Hence I searched about this on google but couldn"t understand the exact meaning.

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What I have found on my research has given below -I wouldn"t want to change a thing, because I am happy with it. That is the way that I like it./I would not allow that to be different./I wouldn"t change anything, even if I could.

But people on social media use it like it means "there is no other way that I can have this".



The results of your research are correct and its typical usage is as BoldBen described.

When we say the line we emphasize the word "way".

I wouldn"t have it any other way.

If, instead, we were to emphasize the word "have"

I wouldn"t have it any other way

it could be interpreted as "there is no other way that I can have this."

But if that is indeed what the people on social media are trying to say, there are better ways to say it! For example,

It"s the only way I can have this.


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