Attack the The 50-Foot Fleegle

Attack of The 50-Foot Fleegle

Attack the The 50-Foot Fleegle (2006) Season 1 illustration 1-B- Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! Cartoon episode Guide
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Bolder Media for Boys and also Girls Production, Bolder Media, Inc., mixed Media Group, Frederator Studios.In association With
IDT/Film Roman dispersed by:Nick Jr. Cartoon Characters:Wubbzy, Buggy, Kooky Kid, Old Lady Zamboni, Daizy, Earl, Moomoo the Magician, Walden, Huggy, Widget. Originally Released in 2006. Season:1 color Running Time:10 minutes. U.S.A.
Wubbzy gets a strange brand-new pet dubbed a Fleegle. Wubbzy doesn"t read the care manual, identified to take care of the animal by himself. Once he feeds it candy rather of the right food, it starts growing and growing! The Fleegle rampages v Wuzzleburg, eat every sweet in sight. With aid from Widget and also Walden, Wubbzy must number out how to protect against it.

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