This Sunday, WWE Battleground 2015 will emanate from the Scottrade center in St. Louis, Missouri, in ~ 8 p.m. ET. The main event looks collection to be the best selling allude of the show, however there room a few bouts on the undercard that can just exceed expectations.

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With 4 titles collection to be contested and a pair of intriguing grudge matches to flesh out the evening, the critical stop prior to SummerSlam guarantees its same share that twists and also turns. Here"s every the details you require ahead of the show on Sunday, July 19.

Live Stream, PPV Info

WWE Battleground 2015 will certainly be streaming via the WWE Network—so that"s $9.99 because that the month for any type of existing subscribers or complimentary if girlfriend haven"t do the efforts the service out yet. You"ll be able to view the show on her Apple TV, Kindle Fire, Roku, contemporary games consoles or any kind of other an equipment with access to the WWE app.

Ahead the the key card, the pre-show will certainly kick off proceedings as R-Truth takes on King Barrett for the latter"s prized crown. That activity kicks turn off at 7 p.m. ET and can be watched for free on YouTube, the WWE app and also a hold of other services.

If you"re tho watching WWE events via classic pay-per-view, Battleground will certainly run friend in the region of $49.95 because that an SD broadcast and $54.95 because that the HD presentation. In ~ this point, the WWE Network seems to be a much preferable option.

Match Card


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• Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt

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• WWE people Heavyweight Championship: Seth Rollins (c) vs. Brock Lesnar

Face your Fears

Roman Reigns" match versus Bray Wyatt looks collection to collection up a feud that will likely run past SummerSlam and beyond. In spite of some novel mind gamings from Wyatt, this rivalry hasn"t yet uncovered the spark it needs to really intrigue audiences.

However, that can play right into their enhance on Sunday. A big twist could absolutely liven things up, and also a program in between two of WWE"s most promising homegrown talent is definitely worthy of such an angle.

One name conspicuous by its absence on the current complement card is known Reigns sympathizer, Dean Ambrose. Expect the insane Fringe to make an appearance on Sunday—but that knows even if it is or no he"ll it is in in the Juggernaut"s corner.

"French American" vs. United says Champion

After a string of excellent matches, there"s lot of of reason to it is in excited because that Owens vs. Cena. Through the previous no much longer the NXT Champion, suppose to watch a new level of brutality on present when they accomplish on Sunday night.

Owens infamously won the NXT belt via referee stoppage once he rendered Sami Zayn unable to continue in a match at NXT Takeover: Rival previously this year. Can John Cena be about to experience the exact same fate?

Seth visits Suplex City

Going into the pay-per-view, things definitely look bleak for Seth Rollins. His entourage is severely depleted ~ a cable of strikes by Brock Lesnar in recent weeks, leaving the severely outgunned front of his biggest test yet as WWE human being Heavyweight Champion.

Few would expect Rollins to choose up the victory versus the in-form Beast—but, together we"ve seen before, the Architect always seems to have something up his sleeve as soon as he"s many in need of a big win.

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It"s difficult to say precisely what Rollins has planned because that Sunday night, yet rest assured there will certainly be fireworks before all is said and also done. The title enhance could well be among the finest bouts the the year, and its outcome is certain to provide us a hints at just what WWE has in keep for SummerSlam.