This short article is around Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg Rivalry storyline during their WWE career.

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Brock Lesnar VS Goldberg Wrestlemania 2004

Build-up to the Match

The storyline between Goldberg and also Brock Lesnar started at the Survivor collection 2003 once Brock Lesnar was claiming in a backstage interview that he can beat anyone. Goldberg interrupted him in ~ the time and the tension between them started. In ~ the royal Rumble match, Goldberg gone into at no. 30 and also was in ~ his disastrous best. Lesnar, that was no in the match, attacked Golberg which brought about Goldberg being eliminated from the match. Goldberg demanded the match against Lesnar following night in ~ RAW but was only provided the ticket come No method Out event by RAW general Manager Steve Austin.

At No means Out, Lesnar come out and insulted Goldberg which motivated Goldberg to attack him. Goldberg to be taken the end of the arena by the security however he went back later during Lesnar’s WWE Championship defense. He speared Lesnar and Lesnar shed the WWE location to Eddie Guerrero. Next night in ~ RAW, Lesnar attacked Steve Austin that was seen suggesting Goldberg strike Lesnar while also stealing his ATV. Vince McMahon collection up the Interbrand match in between Lesnar(SmackDown) and also Goldberg(RAW) while likewise making Steve Austin the unique guest referee.

Match Description

With together an explosive lineup, the enhance was something but. It ended up being common knowledge in the online community that Goldberg’s contract to be up ~ WrestleMania. But another twist came in the story when rumors began circulating that Lesnar was additionally leaving WWE after this match. This led to a lot of hostility towards them together they gone into for their enhance with the chants prefer “You marketed out” in the direction of Lesnar in particular. The enhance itself walk not aid the cause. Lesnar and Goldberg spent first couple of minutes after the bell staring at every other and also locking in only to come in ~ a stalemate, prompting this enhance sucks chants.

They lastly started v some activity as spears, suplexes, clotheslines to be executed. Goldberg nearly won the complement with a neckbreaker and also a spear yet Lesnar kicked out. At this point, Goldberg went sleep to sleep to Steve Austin to liven up the crowd for a bit. Lesnar hit the F5 because that a nearfall. The missed a Spear but Goldberg didn’t. Goldberg followed it up through a Jackhammer to obtain the success in 13 odd minute which felt prefer a fifty percent an hour. After the match, Lesnar provided the middle finger to rock Cold and also he responded with a stunner. Golberg came ago in the ring and also Austin commemorated with him through some beers but he hit him also with the stunner to offer the minute which became much more memorable than the match.

Winner: Goldberg

#2 Goldberg return to WWE Survivor Series, 2016

Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg Survivor collection 2016

WWE Return and buildup to the Match

The relationship between WWE and Goldberg has always been frosty. The was component of the company for one year in between WrestleMania 2003 to WrestleMania 2004 however even at the he never emerged as the true superstar and also the confront of the company as the was v WCW. The things never ever improved in between them for more than a te until about 2015-16. Golberg was announced to it is in the pre-order bonus star in the WWE 2K17 video game which had actually Lesnar top top its cover. This became a bone of contention in between them and also both traded insults transparent the summer during the promotional events and social media.

Things began to pick up once Goldberg appeared at ESPN in October 2016 to promote the game and also expressed that being in the video game had provided him part thoughts about returning to WWE. Paul Heyman extended a difficulty for Goldberg to challenge Brock Lesnar in October. This motivated Goldberg to return to RAW next week and the an answer from the fans was thunderous. The match came to be official in the next few weeks and ultimately came to be the main event of Survivor Series.

Match Description

The match between them was an additional shocking affair. ~ a staredown in the center of the ring, Lesnar began the enhance by choose up Goldberg and also shoving him in the corner. The was the just thing that he got to perform as after the Goldberg driven him away, hit two spears ago to back and finished the enhance with a jackhammer to win in merely 86 seconds. It was a shock since WWE had built-up Lesnar because that years however he to be so easily damaged by Goldberg.

Winner: Goldberg

#3 Goldberg(c) vs Brock Lesnar, global Championship, WrestleMania 2017

Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg Wrestlemania 2017

Build-up come the Match

Initially, Goldberg’s return to WWE was simply for one match at Survivor collection but later WWE signed him until WrestleMania. On the next night that Survivor Series, Goldberg announced himself together the an initial entrant for the royal Rumble 2017. On the first RAW episode of the year 2017, Goldberg appeared and also told Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho that he will win the imperial Rumble and also will an obstacle KO for the global Championship in ~ WrestleMania. During the royal Rumble match, Goldberg got rid of Lesnar prior to being got rid of himself by the Undertaker. On the following night, Lesnar put forward the difficulty for one last match between them at WrestleMania.

On February sixth episode of RAW, Goldberg interrupted Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho to accept Lesnar’s difficulty and in turn, also challenged Owens because that the global title complement at Fastlane. Jericho welcomed the difficulty on KO’s behalf which produced the problem in between KO and Jericho. Prior to Fastlane, KO assaulted Jericho as he held the festival of friendship. In ~ Fastlane, as Owens challenged Goldberg, Jericho showed up at the ramp to reason a distraction to Owens. Goldberg took the advantage to execute a spear and also a jackhammer to success the match and also the global Championship.

Match Description

The following night on Raw, Goldberg was challenged by Lesnar, that executed one F-5 on Goldberg. On the final Raw before WrestleMania, Goldberg responded through a spear on Lesnar. In ~ WrestleMania, Lesnar began the enhance by hitting 3 German Suplexes back to ago but Goldberg answered v a couple of spears. Goldberg again fight a spear come send Lesnar v the barricade. Later, Lesnar kicked the end of the pen after a jackhammer and went on to hit 10 continuous suplexes from Lesnar and also an F5 to win the match. The enhance was more of a glorious brawl yet thoroughly entertaining. Likewise with this match, the pair redeemed themselves from the terrible WrestleMania enhance in 2004.

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Winner: Goldberg

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