WWE Smackdown Results (Live)September 6, 2016Lincoln, NebraskaCommentary: Mauro Ranallo, JBL and also David OtungaResults by: Adam Martin of thedesigningfairy.com

The Smackdown openings hits. We go live to Lincoln wbelow Mauro Ranallo welcomes us to the display. Inside the ring, we check out Smackdown General Manager Daniel Bryan founding up a “YES” chant. The Smackdown Women’s Championship is on a table by him.

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Bryan says in 5 days at Backlash we will watch the first ever Women’s Six Pack Elimination Challenge to crown the first ever before Smackdown Women’s Champion. He announces a 6 women’s tag team match will take area later tonight, yet initially a forum takes area.

He introduces Becky Lynch. Bryan picks up Lynch being the initially women’s draft pick. He asks her what it would certainly be like to win the title this Sunday. Lynch said it would certainly make all the sacrifice worth it and also feels whatever she has actually combated for has actually carried her to this minute.

Natalya is out next to interrupt her. She yells out, “Boring!” Natalya is upcollection she is stuck on Smackdvery own with Becky and is tortured by her unherbal hair color. Alexa Bliss shows up literally out of no wbelow with a mic and also calls them both whiners. She likewise describes Bryan as a Bella trophy husband. Carmella suddenly shows up in the ring and introduces herself. She brings up what she did to Nikki Bella last week. Alexa and also Carmella begin suggesting. Bryan grabs the title off the table as Natalya, Carmella and also Alexa Bliss method. Naomi hits the ring. Here comes Nikki Bella to also points up. A brawl breaks out.

Backphase, Dean Ambincreased is enjoying catering and runs right into a backphase perboy. He pours extra sugar in a coffee for the staff member.

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Backphase, Daniel Bryan tells Shane McMahon that maybe next time he have the right to handle the Smackdvery own women’s crew. Shane thinks the 6 women’s tag complement will be explosive. The Miz walks up with Maryse. He’s not happy around being compelled to safeguard his title versus a “loser” prefer Dolph Ziggler at Backlash. Miz sassist Bryan still can’t gain over what he sassist to him a few weeks earlier. Bryan shelp unprefer Miz, the girls actually fight and brings up how Miz was the one that walked away from Ziggler. He tells Miz he can hand also over his title if he doesn’t want the match at Backlash. Miz’s music hits and also he walks off inside the arena.

Dolph Ziggler is at ringside on commentary for the following match.

Non-title MatchWWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz w/ Maryse vs. Apollo Crews

Crews through a quick shoulder tackle early Miz. Crews via 2 quick takedowns. Miz through kicks and punches to Crews in the edge. Crews blocks a headlock takedown. Crews with a collection of counters and a big dropkick on Miz. Miz bails. Crews through a moonsault off the ring apron catching Miz on the external as we head to a commercial break.

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We are ago live as Miz is eating appropriate hands from Crews. Crews through a cshed roll up for a 2 count. Miz responds through a backbreaker over the leg and also neckbreaker combo for a two count. Series of sunset flips attempts between Miz and Crews. Miz drops Crews through a big boot. Miz via a clothesline in the edge on Crews. Crews via an overhead belly-to-belly release suplex on Miz after Miz jumped off the corner. Crews via clotheslines, kick to the jaw and also splash in the edge. Crews via a flying clothesline. Miz appears to rake the eyes of Crews as Miz rolls out of the ring. Miz slaps Ziggler at ringside. Crews goes for a basesphere slide. Crews practically hits Ziggler. Miz shoves Crews right into Ziggler and then pushes Crews into the ring post. Back inside the ring, Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale and also gets the pinautumn.

Winner: The Miz

After the enhance, Dolph Ziggler grabs the WWE Intercontinental Championship and also throws it on the mat daring Miz to acquire inside the ring. Miz whispers something to Maryse. Maryse gets inside the ring and also grabs the title. Ziggler yells at Miz calling him a coward. He tells Miz that Maryse won’t assist him this Sunday. Miz grabs the title and holds it up.

Backstage, Renee Young is via AJ Styles. Footage from last week’s primary occasion is shown wright here Dean Ambincreased crotched Styles on the peak rope. Styles slaps the table and calls over a WWE manufacturing assistant asking if he was the one that played that footage. He says breaking his headcollection and also blaming it on the manufacturing guy to get him fired.

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A video package runs looking at Amerihave the right to Alpha.

Backphase, The Usos are warming up and also talk about encountering American Alpha tonight. They have actually respect for them, however will let them recognize The Usos still run this division.

Backphase, Bray Wyatt is on a rocking chair cutting a promo. He talks around being a predator and brings up survival of the fittest. Wyatt says Randy Orton is no longer the excellent predator he once was and also he represents the development of male. “I’m a God, Randy.”

Nikki Bella is out following for the next match.

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Nikki Bella, Becky Lynch and also Naomi vs. Natalya, Alexa Bliss and also Carmella

We begin through Naomi and also Alexa Bliss. Naomi through a series of kicks and then a big kick that drops Bliss. Tag to Carmella conveniently. Naomi through a waist lock takedvery own on Carmella and also starts spanking her. Tag to Becky Lynch that functions over the left arm of Carmella. Becky with a backslide pinautumn for a 2 count. Tag to Nikki Bella. Carmella easily jumps out.

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We rerevolve as Becky takes out Carmella with a clothesline and dropkick combo. Becky with a edge elbow and also overhead suplex on Carmella for a two count. Natalya gets the tag and also gets Becky dvery own in a headlock to store the action grounded. Becky fights to her feet and tosses Natalya ameans. Natalya drives Becky to the corner and tags in Bliss. Bliss through a few shots and tag back to Natalya who snapmares Becky down. Natalya with a shot on Nikki and connects via a sitdvery own suplex for a 2 count on Becky. Becky with a tiny package for a 2 count. Natalya quickly takes out Becky with a clothesline. Tag earlier to Bliss. Bliss misses an elbow. Hot tag to Nikki. Nikki through clotheslines and also a dropkick to Bliss. Nikki misses a corner shot, connects through an elbow and then a springboard kick from the edge. Bliss via a jawbreaker to reduced off Nikki and also tags in Carmella. Nikki has Carmella up in a fireman’s carry and also drops her dvery own. Bliss breaks up the pinautumn. Natalya with a spinning clothesline on Nikki. Naomi via a swarm on Natalya. Bliss dumps Naomi out. Bliss with a shot on Nikki utilizing her knees and also Becky tackles Bliss out of the ring. Carmella through her Code of Silence entry roughly the neck of Nikki. Nikki tries to organize out, but is required to tap out.

Winners: Natalya, Alexa Bliss and Carmella

Later tonight, WWE World Champion Dean Ambclimbed and AJ Styles will certainly challenge off.

The Smackdvery own Tag Team Title Tournament continues tonight featuring Heath Slater on and Rhyno vs. The Hype Bros. The Usos vs. Amerihave the right to Alpha is up following.

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Smackdvery own Tag Team Title Tournament – Semifinals MatchThe Usos vs. American Alpha

The Usos extfinish hands. Amerideserve to Alpha shakes ago. The bell rings and also The Usos assault Chad actually Gable and Jachild Jordan immediately. Jordan eats a quick samoan drop. The finish literally occurred so fast I virtually missed it as Gable and also Jordan hit the Grand also Amplitude on Jimmy (after dumping Jey out) and also obtain the quick pinloss. Jordan can’t think it.

Winners and advancing to the finals at Backlash: American Alpha

After the match, The Usos strike Gable and Jordan. The Usos launch Jordan right right into the steel ring article. Jey Uso through a jumping kick to the reduced ankle of Gable. Jimmy goes up height as Jey holds Gable. Jimmy drops dvery own over the leg/ankle of Gable. The Usos jump out of the ring and stare dvery own American Alpha. Jordan checks on Gable.

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Back live, JBL shelp he is embarrassed by what The Usos have simply done.

Backstage, Randy Orton reacts to comments by Bray Wyatt previously tonight. Orton has actually a story for Wyatt. It’s around a snake waiting patiently and then striking at the best minute.

Inside the ring, Fandango has a mic and also quiets the crowd. He states his tag team partner Tyler Breeze is not obtainable tonight. Fandango brings an older womale via tattoos in the ring. Some music plays and also Fandango starts dancing via the woman. She shelp her hips are the reality and Fandango can’t take care of the reality. The woman leaves the ring. Kane’s pyro goes off and also he heads to the ring. Kane through a chokeslam on Fandango.

Backphase, we check out AJ Styles walk by some WWE staff. He asks if they were trying to take a picture of him. A male states no and that he is looking at a photo of his family members. Styles grabs the phone and also smashes it off a wall. He claims he is the challenge that runs this location.

A video package runs concentrating on Connor’s Cure.

The Hype Bros vs. Heath Slater and Rhyno is up following.

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New Curt Hawkins facts are displayed. He retransforms next week on Smackdvery own.

Smackdvery own Tag Team Title Tournament – Semifinals MatchThe Hype Bros vs. Heath Slater on and Rhyno

We view a slew of Heath Slater’s children sitting front row consisting of plenty of red heads.

The bell rings and also we begin through Heath Slater on and also Zack Ryder. Slater via a shoulder block beforehand Ryder. Slater on via an atomic drop and also clothesline combo. Ryder catches Slater through knees in the edge and also adheres to that up through a quick missile dropkick. Ryder sends out Slater to the corner and also tags in Mojo Rawley. Mojo via a takedvery own on Slater and also then connects through a high back body drop. Mojo clotheslines Slater over the top rope. Tag to Ryder who dropkicks Slater through the ropes. On the exterior, Mojo takes out Rhyno via a clothesline.

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We rerevolve live through Mojo sending Slater to the edge. Mojo misses a corner splash. Hot tag to Rhyno that gets a large reactivity. Rhyno through shots on Ryder consisting of a spear in the corner. Rhyno through a vast spinebuster on Ryder and also Mojo breaks up the pinfall attempt. Slater tags himself in and also dumps Mojo over the top rope. Rhyno levels Mojo on the exterior with a clothesline. Ryder with a cshed roll up on Slater for a two count. Ryder through a drop toe hold on Slater to the second turnbuckle. Rhyno pulls Slater out of the method to prevent the Broski Boot. Rhyno tags himself in and also fires himself up for the Gore. Rhyno with a Gore that connects on Ryder. Rhyno hooks the leg and also gets the pinautumn.

Winners: Heath Slater on and also Rhyno

After the complement, Heath Slater on celebrates with his “kids” at ringside. The finals at Backlash this Sunday night will be American Alpha vs. Heath Slater on and also Rhyno to crvery own the initially ever before WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions.

Backstage, Renee Young says Shane McMahon will certainly join Talking Smack later tonight through an upday on Amerihave the right to Alpha and the injury standing of Chad actually Gable. The Usos walk up and also talk about the fans turning their backs on them in favor of Amerihave the right to Alpha. They shelp they are done with that and also throw down the mics leaving.

Backphase, a WWE hairdresser is acquiring Dean Ambclimbed ready. Ambincreased will go face-to-challenge through AJ Styles next before Backlash this Sunday.

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Dean Ambrose and AJ Styles face-to-face before Backlash

WWE World Champion Dean Ambrose is out initially and also heads to the ring with a mic.

AJ Styles is out next and also grabs a mic.

Charly Caruso is in the middle of both presenting Ambincreased and also Styles. Ambrose suggests that Caruso leaves the ring bereason he has actually a feeling points might turn out bad tonight. He sassist he has a gift for Styles. Ambrose hands Styles a bag. Styles opens up the bag and inside is an old participation bowling trophy. Ambrose said that is the only trophy he is ever going to acquire from him. Styles tells Ambincreased he has no concept that he is managing.

Ambrose has footage played from last week as soon as he crotched Styles on the top rope. He said that is why they speak to this high threat. Styles asks Ambrose if he thinks that is funny. Ambincreased sassist everyone thought that was funny. He shelp he was simply trying to give him a high pitched voice to go with his “soccer mother hairreduced.” The crowd in Lincoln starts up a “SOCCER MOM” chant. Styles tells Ambrose to shut up together with the crowd.

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Styles points out a trophy he gathered at SummerSlam by beating John Cena showing off Cena’s sweatband. He sassist he is going to take the WWE World Championship from Ambclimbed just like exactly how he took the sweatband from Cena. Styles is begging Ambrose to take him as a joke. “John Cena took me incredibly, extremely seriously. And I beat him clean best below in the middle of a WWE ring.” Styles shelp Ambrose is no John Cena. Ambincreased claims you are damn ideal he isn’t John Cena. He shelp as soon as you confront him, it’s a battlearea and he drags males to areas wright here they have never been prior to. Ambrose brings up beating Styles before and also just how he will certainly perform it aobtain this Sunday at Backlash. He refers to Styles as the “confront that comes in second area.” Styles via a low blow kick to Ambincreased that goes dvery own fast. Styles breaks the trophy over his knee and also starts yelling down at Ambrose. Mauro Ranallo hypes the title enhance this Sunday at Backlash.