WWE SummerSlam 2015 will be rich through star strength as the sports entertainment giant looks to have actually its summer pay-per-view feel much more and much more like a 2nd WrestleMania.

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Undertaker is collection to wrestle in ~ his an initial SummerSlam since 2008. Brock Lesnar, john Cena and Seth Rollins command a stacked lineup. And WWE has actually pulled some strings to carry celebrities into the mix, through Jon Stewart and Stephen Amell indigenous Arrow headed to the Barclays center in Brooklyn, new York, as well.

It all starts Sunday, Aug. 23 at 7 p.m. ET. A replay begins right afterward at 11 p.m. ET.

The last few years have seen WWE press SummerSlam as its clean No. 2 event. Leading approximately SummerSlam 2015, the company has looked to go a step further and dub that "The WrestleMania of the Summer." even if it is the in-ring action and storylines will supply to that degree is uncertain, yet there is sure to be big buzz in Brooklyn.

As WWE announced ~ above its main website, "ESPN SportsCenter, live from SummerSlam, will certainly air Sunday native 10 a.m.-1 p.m. And 6-7 p.m. These broadcasts note the an initial time ESPN"s long-running sports-news franchise will be on-site for a WWE event."

Jonathan Coachman, previous WWE personality and also current ESPN anchor, will certainly be front and also center there.

Once SummerSlam kicks off, the former host the The day-to-day Show will captain the ship.


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Stewart"s existence brings more mainstream media attention, together does having actually ESPN companion with WWE. It will certainly then be up to Lesnar and Rollins, the women"s department and males such together Cesaro to manipulate all that added attention.

Live Stream, PPV Info

Before SummerSlam appropriately kicks off, a one-hour pre-show begins at 6 p.m. ET. 

Renee Young, Byron Saxton, Corey Graves and also Booker T comprise a panel collection to malfunction the night"s best matches. Look because that recaps that feuds and predictions native Young and also company, and one of the night"s bouts likely pushed come pre-show status.

Then the four-hour special begins in earnest.

You have the right to stream the marquee event on Xbox and PlayStation consoles, apple TV, Roku devices or supported smart TVs via the WWE Network (subscription required). Visit WWE.com"s network help section because that a full list that compatible devices.

The WWE Network is accessible in end 140 countries. It has still not made it the end to Japan, India or Germany, though. To check ease of access around the world, check out WWE.com.

For those without access to high-speed Internet, cable carriers still administer SummerSlam as a PPV.

Time Warner Cable and also Comcast are among those suppliers carrying the event. Examine with your neighborhood provider to watch if that is on that list together well. Walking this course will run fans around $45.

Match Card

The element Time football player vs. The Lucha dragons vs. The new Day vs. Los Matadores (Tag Team Championship)Cesaro vs. Kevin OwensLuke Harper and also Bray Wyatt vs. Roman Reigns and Dean AmbroseDolph Ziggler vs. RusevStephen Amell and also Neville vs. King Barrett and Stardust Team Bella vs. Team B.A.D. Vs. PCB (Elimination)Ryback vs. The Miz vs. Large Show (Intercontinental Championship)John Cena vs. Seth Rollins (WWE human being Heavyweight Championship, United claims Championship)Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker

Battleground Rematch

Orton outlasted Sheamus in their last PPV meeting. The two have not stopped colliding since.

The Celtic Warrior newly prevented Orton native winning the WWE title. The Viper payment him right back by derailing his test Money in the bank cash-in. There"s not a the majority of story past that.

This is simply a story of two men who dislike each other.

Expect more brawling than wrestling. Every one of their previous matches have been slugfests v overflowing animosity. 

Tag Team deadly 4-Way

The element Time Players find themselves in a crowded ring with three sets that challengers vying for their titles.

WWE hasn"t placed a lot of of initiative into booking the tag department as of late. Just cramming all these males in below with minimal backstory is a an excellent example that that. 


Fearless is getting ago up and also fighting because that what you want over and over again we room #LuchaStrong all set #SummerSlam http://t.co/zRlqFrVhxY

The just real rivalry below is between the champs and also The brand-new Day. It to be Titus O"Neil and Darren Young that dethroned the clap-happy trio. Since then, the two squads have barked at every other yet haven"t excellent a entirety lot that biting.

Judging by current multiple-team affairs, the action should it is in fast-paced and fun. Just don"t expect anything deeper than that.

The Indy favorite Battle

Former Ring of respect rivals meet on a cool stage. WWE has actually largely let this feud construct on SmackDown, giving it many of spotlight top top the "B" show.

Cesaro and Owens" issues began as both guys tried to loss Cena for the United claims Championship. Eventually, things acquired so intense between them the they have forgotten around the title they to be chasing. Now it"s just about proving that is better.

WWE has illustrated Owens as much more of a coward 보다 a predator lately. He"s been ducking challenges and also walking out of matches. Cesaro has actually played the hero that competes the ideal way.

This assures to be among the night"s far better offerings. Cesaro and Owens have always had good chemistry and are both reliable, top-notch performers.

Family vs. Family

Reigns and Wyatt"s fight has extended to now incorporate both men"s "family" members.

Wyatt prevented Reigns native winning the Money in the financial institution briefcase. The has because haunted Reigns, worming his method into his head through threats and also his usual array of psychological tricks. Eventually, Ambrose join the fray, maintaining Reigns centered and also no longer outnumbered by the clan indigenous the dark corner of the swamps.

With Rollins now a solo act and Erick Rowan education a biceps injury, The Shield vs. The Wyatt family battles of the recent past gain shrunk down to a tags match.

Reigns vs. Wyatt appears to be a narrative set to stretch on for months, so think about this the climax of thing 2. WWE would certainly be clever to lead right into the next component of the story with something newsworthy happening here.

Grudge enhance a lengthy Time Coming

Rusev required Ziggler off TV by cracked a crutch against The Showoff"s throat. That left The Bulgarian Brute to pine for Ziggler"s current girlfriend and also Rusev"s old squeeze, Lana. 

Despite instead of Lana with Summer Rae, Rusev can"t avoid thinking about his ex. 

And so this story has been the many soap opera-like of all the angles going on. Ziggler just returned ~ above Monday"s life to include some violence come the romance and broken hearts the have overcame the story so far.

As Ziggler seeks revenge, Rusev is sure to it is in distracted by Lana, and also the two women are sure to do some catfighting outside the ring.

Comic book Collision

Neville, a man who moves like something the end of a comic book, groups up with a guy who theatre The green Lantern. Stardust, through his over-the-top rants, maniacal laughter and colorful vinyl getup, is the perfect fit together the supervillain come tangle through them. The directionless King Barrett it s okay tossed in to also things out.

Barrett and also Stardust have actually displayed an excellent chemistry early on. Amell has actually surprisingly taken to the art of the squared circle rather quickly.

Don"t suppose the actor to perform a whole lot regardless of showing how much storyline rage he has toward Stardust. He"s here to lug some buzz and also give Stardust a moderately well known foil.

The Divas Revolution

A trio of quarreling factions lastly all meet. The Bella sister (who likewise had Alicia Fox in their corner) had been overcoming the women"s department with Nikki Bella, the Divas champ, at the helm of the all.

Then WWE plucked some of its finest female wrestlers indigenous NXT, and whatever changed. Becky Lynch and also Charlotte teamed up through Paige. Sasha banks joined Naomi and also Tamina Snuka to form their own squad.

Fans have due to the fact that seen miscellaneous collisions between the teams in singles and tag action. This is the an initial time all nine women will certainly clash in the exact same match.

During what has been dubbed the Divas Revolution, WWE"s women space getting much more time and also attention. If that tendency continues, this is poised to be one of the bigger women"s matches in company history.

This is a showcase of these women and also an clues of wherein this story is top next. Will someone knock down the Bellas? will Nikki and her allies instead re-establish themselves together the division"s linchpins?

Ryback"s Return

A staph epidemic in Ryback"s knee delayed what was booked for Battleground.

This now marks the very first IC title defense for The huge Guy since mid-June. A huge win would help him develop some momentum because that a reign that has started off sluggish thanks to injury. 

WWE is presenting The Miz as little threat here. It"s an ext a fight of 2 Goliaths with an annoying gnat trying to support his way into the fight.

Ryback has beat both males before. He enters as the favourite in a complement that doesn"t look like lot of an entertaining one top top paper. 

Title because that Title

Either Rollins or Cena deserve to walk out of the Barclays center with both the U.S. Title and also WWE world Heavyweight Championship. That is, of course, unless WWE has some screwy complete in the works.

Cena has actually been an enhancing the prestige of the U.S. Belt because that months. His constant open difficulties have put the title in the spotlight. His surname power has elevated it as well.

Rollins, meanwhile, has actually been plagued by negative booking. He"s not simply the cowardly, sneaky heel. That feels like he simply doesn"t worthy to undertake the championship belt. Seldom does he gain a decisive win; too often he loser in non-title action.

This is a possibility for WWE to revolve that around. Come knock turn off Cena and be a dual champion helps erase few of those bad memories. Cena will certainly be seeking his 16th world title reign, a mark that would certainly tie him v Ric Flair because that the many ever.

Either way, some type of background will it is in made. 

The Phenom vs. The Beast

What Paul heyman has human being now calling "The enhance Too big for WrestleMania" enables Undertaker the possibility to take under the man who ended his undefeated streak in ~ The present of Shows.

Lesnar has actually been an overpowering predator in the last few years. WWE has made him practically unbeatable. One of two people that proceeds with the pounding Undertaker right into the mat again, or The Deadman it s okay revenge and also undercuts that air the invincibility.

Their story has actually been one that has defied standard wrestling dynamics. Both men have actually been acting like heels; it"s unclear who the hero is an alleged to be.

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Bleacher Report"s Dan Pecoraro discusses what Undertaker"s new vicious side means for the result of the matchup:

The bout features two megastars in a match that is sure to entice viewers. The large question around the contest, though, is even if it is Undertaker have the right to still supply on facility stage. He"s currently 50 year old and also wrestling top top worn legs against a man known for leaving his enemies in require of ice packs afterward.