For the very first time due to the fact that the Montreal Screwjob in 1997, Survivor collection returns to Canada, this time in ~ the air Canada center in Toronto. WWE Survivor collection 2016 is heavily characterized by the current brand split, through Raw and SmackDown going to battle to prove which brand is superior.

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The ideal of the men, women and tag teams will challenge off when SmackDown and also Raw placed the Intercontinental Championship and Cruiserweight Championship, respectively, on the line versus a member of the contrary brand. If that wasn"t sufficient for this pay-per-view, Goldberg return to the ring for one an ext match against the most dominant monster in WWE today, Brock Lesnar.

This is the current WWE Survivor collection 2016 card:

The Brian Kendrick vs. Kalisto (Cruiserweight Championship)The Miz vs. Sami Zayn (Intercontinental Championship)Team life (The brand-new Day, Enzo Amore and big Cass, Luke Gallows and also Karl Anderson, Cesaro and Sheamus and also The shining Stars) vs. Team SmackDown (Heath Slater and also Rhyno, American Alpha, The Usos, The exaggeration Bros and Breezango) in a 10-on-10 removed MatchTeam raw (Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, Bayley, Nia Jax and also Alicia Fox) vs. Team SmackDown (Nikki Bella, Becky Lynch, Alexa Bliss, Carmella and Naomi) in a Five-on-Five removed MatchBrock Lesnar vs. Goldberg

This map is fairly short because that an obvious four-hour event, therefore this will pressure WWE to put full effort into highlighting every match. The removed matches may each it is in 30 minute long, through Goldberg vs. Lesnar additionally being greatly highlighted.

The adhering to is a complete malfunction of the Survivor series 2016 card, including overviews, story breakdowns and predictions based on the past few weeks of Raw and SmackDown.


The cruiserweight department has remained in need that a change. Even with Raw"s 3 hours, the department has not gotten a real spotlight. This enhance could give the department the kick it needs, regardless of result. The Brian Kendrick vs. Kalisto is the best bout for the department since the debuted top top Raw.

Kendrick needs a win below to much better solidify his reign, while Kalisto demands a victory simply to lug some meaning back to his career. Whatever the finish result, one brand will have made a stronger champion and proved the is worthy of a unique department of stars. Plus, we have to witness a great match between great competitors.


In an agreement between Raw and SmackDown, Raw"s Kendrick should put his championship and the division"s future on the line against SmackDown"s Kalisto. Return from a ago injury endured at the hands of Baron Corbin, Kalisto now has actually a possibility to do a radical adjust to the framework of both brands in his first big complement back.

Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon have both expressed interest in a cruiserweight division since the Cruiserweight Classic; however, Stephanie McMahon stepped in and declared the division will be the building of Raw. A victory for Kalisto would provide Bryan the chance to job-related with many wrestlers he admires and respects and give Kalisto the large spotlight he has been missing.

Predicted Result: Kendrick will use multiple tricks come steal a victory from Kalisto.

Bold Prediction: Kalisto and also Corbin will certainly both fight for the IC location in the comes months as component of your renewed feud.


Until Tuesday, this looked choose it would the an initial clash between Dolph Ziggler and also Sami Zayn. Instead, the will now be The Miz vs. Zayn. If Ziggler vs. Zayn was enticing, particularly because that their similar styles, there has been no far better performer this past few months 보다 Miz.

Yes, we have seen Zayn struggle the A-Lister before, but this is not the exact same Miz as he was before the summer"s brand split. He has actually grown leaps and also bounds as an in-ring performer. In Canada, Zayn"s residence country, this enhance should perfectly work the lines of confront vs. Heel, as Miz plays increase in former of a crowd that will be begging for a Zayn victory.


Miz has actually seemed unstoppable lately, making use of every cheat in the publication to steal wins, and he has actually helped specify the Intercontinental Championship. The only male to have the ability to pull out a victory on Miz to be Ziggler, who was fighting for his career at the time. Miz quickly won ago the title once he had a gameplan because that the crafty veteran.

While Ziggler was champion though, that issued an open difficulty to Raw, putting the IC location up versus anyone who can earn an opportunity. Zayn winner the opportunity to fight for the title, and also now that will challenge Miz, who will it is in going right into this match with only a few days come prepare after regaining his gold. It will once an ext be a battle of wits vs. Tenacity together SmackDown and also Raw both try to gain a championship.

Predicted Result: Miz will certainly retain the Intercontinental Championship despite seeming to it is in outmatched by Zayn with the assist of the spirit Squad and Maryse.

Bold Prediction: Zayn and also Miz will switch brands by the finish of the year in a blockbuster trade after Miz loser the championship once an ext to Ziggler in ~ TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs.


Traditional elimination matches that function 20 wrestlers space a rare sight at Survivor Series, however this was when a common practice that resulted in some the the ideal matches in the show"s history. Having actually this many wrestlers at ringside deserve to lead come hard-to-follow chaos or organized mayhem as each team it s okay a opportunity to shine.

This year, the tag groups will must prove your worth in one of the most daunting matches ever before conceived come execute. V so countless wrestlers and also stories, it will certainly be as much as all 20 men to decision on the story and also psychology the this contest. If castle can, this has actually all the potential to steal the display and enable a few teams to do names for themselves.


SmackDown laid down a difficulty to Raw for Survivor Series: the best vs. The best in every division. That had the tags teams, v SmackDown"s young crew that talent competing against Raw"s superstar lineup, including The brand-new Day, who is now mere weeks away from break the all-time WWE document for longest tags team location reign.

The new Day may struggle to lead Team Raw, though, together the crew is so greatly driven through egos, v Gallows and also Anderson even promising come stab their teammates in the back. On the other side, Team SmackDown is a team of wrestlers who have actually earned your spots with competition, and also they all seem come have obtained each other"s respect follow me the way.

Predicted Result: Team SmackDown will certainly take the win, many thanks to single survivors American Alpha.

Bold Prediction: pagan Slater and also Rhyno will be the first team got rid of in the match in a shocking relocate that leaves Team SmackDown without its leaders.


Recently, the women have actually been placing on high quality matches top top repeat, and they have actually an equal possibility to steal the present again in ~ Survivor Series. In a match that includes all 4 Horsewomen, and also quality newcomers and also veterans, there will certainly be top quality athleticism top top display, however this complement will also need to find a driving story.

The one allude that WWE will need to defend in this match is Charlotte"s impressive PPV win streak. Charlotte has actually never lost a singles match on PPV, her just defeat being a sign team enhance with Dana Brooke at Battleground. If Charlotte end up being eliminated, WWE have to make the feel favor a large deal.


WWE has actually gone v a concerted initiative to press the women"s division to one more level v high-profile matches for newcomers. Now, 10 the the many intriguing and talented females in WWE will challenge off come prove which division is better. However, each team will require to discover some typical ground.

For Team Raw, Charlotte will lead a team that consists of her present top rivals in Bayley and also Sasha Banks, if Nikki Bella will try to command Team SmackDown v her rival, Carmella, and also championship rivals Becky Lynch and also Alexa Bliss. Every woman has actually a beef through the rest of she teammates, which provides for a turoulend situation.

Predicted Result: Team Raw will win, through Bayley and Charlotte both surviving the match.

Bold Prediction: Nia Jax will dominate Team SmackDown until she is disqualified for going too much in her viciousness.


Even an ext than the ahead elimination matches, this men"s elimination enhance seems completely focused ~ above the two people champions. Every potential challenger because that Kevin Owens right now is top top his team, and how this enhance breaks down should determine who he deals with at WWE Roadblock.

Meanwhile, AJ styles may just discover a new challenger ~ WWE TLC in Bray Wyatt or Randy Orton based upon this match. The just wrestler that doesn"t rather fit in this bout is the last-minute addition, Shane McMahon. The SmackDown commissioner was placed in Baron Corbin"s place, but his dynamic v the remainder of Team SmackDown is difficult to pin down.

Regardless, this match has vast potential to be the finest of the night, as numerous of the rivals have been placing on complement of the Year contenders ~ above a consistent basis. Just the potential of Styles matching up against every member of Team life is enticing ~ above its own.


The last of SmackDown"s 3 proposed matches to recognize which brand is better, the top men of Raw and SmackDown will face off to prove who is the best. In the middle of these teams, Owens and also Jericho have to work through their existing rivals, roman inn Reigns and also Seth Rollins, and Styles and also Dean Ambrose additionally somehow have to find usual ground.

Owens and also Styles will certainly both look come prove that is the true optimal champion that WWE, and also this may just end up being the deciding enhance to rest up a 2-2 tie between the brands. However, the real ramifications of this complement come under to the assures of 2 people—Stephanie McMahon and also The Undertaker both promised after-effects if their groups fail.

Predicted Result: Team Raw will certainly win, with Reigns gift the lone survivor, last eliminating Styles, that helps Ambrose get eliminated in order to be his team"s sole survivor.

Bold Prediction: Braun Strowman will remove two men and only be eliminated himself through count-out.


It"s difficult to decide if a clash in between Goldberg vs. Lesnar is an exciting prospect. The last time the two wrestled, which was at WrestleMania XX, Lesnar and also Goldberg could not it is in bothered to try, therefore this may simply be their redemption. Still, neither male has displayed that he can put ~ above a severe performance in his waning age.

Goldberg appears excited come wrestle again, however his body may not comply with his passion. For the services of a effective show, whereby these 2 behemoths will likely main-event, hope this ends up being a quality last performance native Goldberg, pulling out the old physicality and also explosiveness the made him such a star.


Reminiscing end his year in WWE on SportsCenter, Goldberg do a next comment about how lot he would prefer to obtain one an ext shot at Lesnar. The Beast take it that offer personally, offering Goldberg a complimentary shot any time that wanted. This got Goldberg reasoning even much more about the idea that one last match, and he embraced a showdown versus Lesnar in ~ Survivor Series.

Now, we are set to view two similar beasts clash for the last time, together Goldberg has the possibility to present his son what he could once do, hope Lesnar doesn"t ruin that moment by placing him under for good. Deserve to Goldberg conquer Lesnar together so couple of have before, or will he just end his legacy as another footnote ~ above Lesnar"s career?

Predicted Result: Lesnar will defeat Goldberg—but just barely—thanks come a distraction from Paul Heyman.

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Bold Prediction: WWE"s plans for a long run with Goldberg will be dashed as soon as this complement falls apart, as Goldberg can"t sustain the pace, causing a reshuffling of at an early stage plans because that WrestleMania that finish with man Cena encountering Undertaker rather of Goldberg.