The Liga MX TV schedule for the most-watched soccer organization in the US features games televised across a range of networks. These encompass Univision, TUDN, UniMas, Telemundo, Universo, FOX Deportes, ESPN+ and also ESPN Deportes. Plus games are streamed via number of legal streaming services.

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From society America and also Chivas de Guadalajara come Santos Laguna and also all clubs in between, practically every single Liga MX game is displayed live on united state television and streaming. The pack stadiums and also exciting style of football will definitely entertain football fans, no matter what language girlfriend speak. It’s obtained a lot come offer, back promotion and relegation native Ascenso MX isn’t happening.


We’re continually to update the Liga MX TV schedule throughout the season, so bookmark the page and keep return to continue to be on peak of all of the latest listings.

In 2020 and moving forward, Telemundo Deportes got the English-language and Spanish-language legal rights to Chivas home games.

FOX Deportes and also FOX sporting activities share the civil liberties with ESPN Deportes and ESPN+ for home games featuring Monterrey, Santos Laguna and also Club Tijuana.

Liga MX Games

Since July 2016, Univision released 3 live gamings every Saturday night in primetime in a 6-hour block the Liga MX action. The first game is ~ above Univision Deportes Network, adhered to by the second and 3rd games top top Univision. The name of the Liga MX programming is Sabado Futbolero. Read more details about it.

Starting with the Liga MX’s 2020 Torneo Guardianes that began in July 2020, the league and TUDN have actually debuted gamings on Mondays v the debut of Lunes de Fútbol (Soccer Mondays) and also telecast live across Univision Networks – Univision, UniMás, and TUDN – and also streamed on TUDN.TV and also the TUDN app with English-language commentary accessible via TUDNxtra.

Now the TUDN win a long-term agreement with Atlético mountain Luis come telecast their matches, TUDN has actually the rights to 14 that the 18 Liga MX clubs.

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Liga MX Commentators and Analysts

Coverage the Liga MX’s Guardianes 2021 top top TUDN will function a roster the award-winning sportscasters including:

Game play by Play and Commentators: Carlos Aguilar, Enrique Bermúdez, Jesús Bracamontes, Aldo Farías, José luis López Salido, Raúl Pérez, Pablo Ramírez, Andrés Vaca, and Paco Villa

English-language TUDNxtra beat by Play and Commentators: José Hernández, luis Alberto Martinez, and Ramses Sandoval

Studio Analysts: Enrique Borja, Marc Crosas, Félix Fernández, Kikín Fonseca, Moy Muñoz, Oswaldo Sánchez, Damián Zamogilny, and Iván Zamorano

Studio Hosts: Alejandro Berry, Lindsay Casinelli, Alex de la Rosa, Val Marín, and Adriana Monsalve.

How to watch Liga MX

Courtesy of human being Soccer Talk, download a cost-free copy the The Ultimate football TV and also Streaming Guide, which features details on where to watch every one of the leagues from around the world on united state TV and also streaming.

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To discover out once soccer gamings are on, download the cost-free Soccer TV Schedules application which contains listings of all of the live football matches available in the United states (available on apologize iOS devices and Android devices).