"You Are NOT The Father!" is a catchexpression popularized by Maury Povich, the organize of the Amerihave the right to tabloid talk show The Maury Povich Show.

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<1> One of the the majority of well-known segments featured in the present is "paternity experimentation," in which a mommy shows up on the display via a repursuit to prove or disprove that a male is the biological father of her boy or children. After hearing each side"s story, Maury sits dvery own with both parties to review the results of a paternity test, at which point he announces whether the male guest is the father or not the father.


The Maury Povic Show was co-produced by MoPo Productions and also the pilot episode initially aired on September nine, 1991. The display has actually considering that continued on for 21 periods, regularly taking care of a variety of family problems and domestic concerns. Although paternity trial and error has actually been a recurring segment on the show for years, the expression "you are not the father" didn"t take off until an episode that was broadactors in January 2005. In the episode, Maury investientrances the mother"s claim that her ex-boyfrifinish Anattracted fathered her child, which turned out to be false according to the test results. Upon hearing Maury say "Andrew, you are not the father," the guy jumps up from his chair and dances roughly the stage.


Andrew"s breakdance ceremony soon came to be a topic of parodies, spawning animated GIFs and also photoshopped editions on YTMND.<9> The earliest circumstances titled "You are not the father" was uploaded by user meddle on May 22nd, 2005.


The segment has actually considering that spawned a catchphrase and also a series of photo macros. Maury"s quote has been likewise provided by online references like TVTropes, Wikipedia and Urban Thesaurus, while others started sharing animated GIFs of the male guests" reactions featuring the quote on hubsites favor Tumblr<3> and Facebook.<5> In June 2011, MTV"s Clutch blog<6> posted an post titled "9 Hilarious "You Are Not The Father" Reaction GIFs." Andrew"s breakdance ceremony has been likewise featured in the background of the 2011 comedy film Bridesmaid.

Notable Examples

Tbelow are numerous other guests on the show who have shown similar reactions to the test outcomes, the video clips of which came to be popular on YouTube, frequently collection to alternative background music for comical purposes.

Various reactions of the guests and the live audiences have actually been turned into animated GIFs. They are often offered as reactivity faces on forums and also imageboards. In April 2010, the single topic blog "Divine Maury Mother of God"<8> was released to showinstance the best animated GIFs featuring captured footage from the TV show.


The idea of Guile"s Theme Goes with Everypoint has likewise been reblended through the paternity test reaction videos, with the many significant example featuring Andrew"s reaction collection to Guile"s theme from Street Fighter. The video has over 1.7 million views as of October 2fifth, 2011.

Notable Derivative: Isaac"s Reaction

Anvarious other well-known instance features a clip from an episode aired on June 28th, 2010, featuring a male named Isaac.<7> Upon hearing the outcome that he is not the biologcal father, Isaac jumped up from the couch and also ran about the stage in circle while perdeveloping jazz hands. Similar to Andrew"s breakdance ceremony, Isaac mainly got his popularity via his Jazzhands activity (seen at 0:46):


Jimmy Kimmel or Matt Damon?

On February 13th, 2017, Jimmy Kimmel Live aired a segment in which a paternity test is performed on Maury to see if Matt Damon is the father of Jimmy Kimmel"s wife’s son. The gag segment was motivated by "Apologies to Matt Damon", a running joke about a rivalry between Kimmel and also Damon over having Damon on Kimmel"s show.

Search Interest

Search interemainder for the expression "you are not the father" starts in May 2005, the very same year the episode aired and the month as soon as the first animated GIF instance was posted on YTMND.




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