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What this bitches desire from a nigga?On part DMX shitI team DM mine exesI tell "em castle belong come me, the goes on because that foreverAnd ns think we just gain closer as soon as we not togetherYou phone call me that I"m confusin"More immature 보다 Marques HoustonCuts too deep for a band-aid solutionWe as well deep in this thing you"ll never lose meLOLOL I"m happy you find this shit amusin"Heard a lot around me "fore we started offI know you heard the my swimming pool parties prefer Mardi GrasI know you heard the my girl is funded by AudemarsThat"s why she"s always correctin" me when my time is offAnd my house is the definitionOf alcohol and weed addictionYou obtained a different visionYou wanna walk about naked in the kitchenWithout runnin" into one of my niggasThat"s no the means we livin"Too lot goin" on, it"s simply not realisticThese days i don"t speak "bout lock days like I miss out on "emAnd friend shouldn"t miss out on "em either, we different peopleBut every time us speakin"It"s like a lot of games bein" playedHow"s the goin" down?If it"s on "til we gone then i gots to recognize nowIs you wit" me or what?YeahIt"s prefer a lot of of gamings are bein" playedHow"s that goin" down?If it"s on "til we gone then i gots to know nowIs you wit" me or what?YeahI wanna know exactly how much time you invested on lock paragraphsWhere you"re obtaining meAll that grey in ours conversation history, youPlayin" mental games, when you sayin" thingsPlayin" mime games, us both doin" the exact same thingSlide top top a late nightYou like to slide on a so late nightYou send the "are friend here?" text without one inviteThat"s that shit that ns don"t likeWe both on slide on a late nightDo points in our turn off timeWe both, yeahMade part mistakes, pon roadYeah, how"s that for real?You toyin" with it like Happy Meal3 dots, girlfriend thinkin" of a reaction stillWhile you"re typin" make certain you call meWhat form of gamings are bein" played?How"s it goin" down?If it"s top top "til we gone then i gots to know nowIs you wit" me or what?YeahWhat type of gamings are bein" played?How"s the goin" down?If it"s ~ above "til us gone then ns gots to understand nowIs you wit" me or what?YeahRemember you was livin" in ~ The London for a monthService elevator as much as 4201We to be still a secret, couldn"t come in v the frontGirl I had actually your back when every you supplied to do was frontThat"s for sure though, ns made a career off reminiscin"Time acquired a funny way of tickin", things are so lot differentI"ll recognize it, I"ve admitted come a most thingsAct choose you understand it, fuck castle stories, fuck the the shade they throwin"Understand I obtained responsibilities to human being that ns needAnd on my way to make this doughA most niggas cut the cheque for this reason they have the right to take this flowA lot of niggas reduced the cheque therefore they have the right to take this flow, Ohhh, ohhh!Tryna give your ass the worldYou runnin" your fingers with my curlsYou knew me once the kid had wavesBut that"s enough of thatYou could never to speak I come up and forgot around your assAnd that"s some real shit