Your client Alexa, who sells wedding accessories, is to run a text advertisement on the screen Network. What might Google immediately include in she ads?

A promotion from a connected business, choose a bakery

A photograph of a bride

A map reflecting her business location

A quotation about falling in love


Rich media message ads rise their influence with images. Google may supplement wealthy media text ads through your logo design as offered from your Google+ accounts, or with images from various other third-party resources to boost the power of this ads. This ad format’s shade palette is selected to enhance the logo design or image used in her ad.

This practice comes under “Native text ads”.

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Native message ads: This text ad integrates through the look, feel and also content of a publisher’s site. To rise the power of indigenous text ads, we might supplement them with your logo uncovered in her Google+ accounts, or with photos from various other third-party sources.

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