While over there aren't any kind of subs ns did go to the wiki and also look up the cards Reiji used. He is most likely gonna it is in a pan favorite this season, he offers Fusion, synchro and XYZ monster in this episode and also he appears to it is in aiming to add pendulum to that list as well, looking at the wiki the looks prefer This card will be his boss monster and it has a pretty unique effect to avoid destruction. That can't be destroyed by spell/trap impacts that don't target that making mirror force and also torrential tribute it's bitch.

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He isn't actually using D.D.'s, he is using DD's. The distinction is in the '.' and that is it. They was standing for the exact same thing according to the wiki, different dimension, however are not considered the same archetype together a result. That's nice weird.

For those who didn't look increase the the cards the reason why his consistent spells and also traps went away was reason of the lend lease catch he activated, he knew his activity magic map was gonna conserve his monster so he caused it's eff which basically goes like: Negate all 'covenant' spell/trap cards results that you control. During the end phase that the rotate you triggered this card destroy all cards whose impacts it negated and draw a map for every one destroyed by this effect.

Pretty much the attract power the the deck and a method to stop paying 1000 lp every of her stand-by phases since those were additionally the needs to every the cards he had activated. The ones with a role let him add a DD monster native his deck to his hand as soon as per turn, the slime one allow him blend summon when per turn and the trap one permit him an increase a fiend type monster he controls strike once per turn. Ns can entirely see among the sacred beasts gift teched into the deck to aid avoid the damages plus to get out part crazy powerful beat-sticks together well.

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But man, the one card syncho and XYZ to be insane. It s okay it wasn't yes, really one card, it required the fusions help to... However it to be a an excellent combo. Use the turner to unique out a monster offered for the fusion. Synchro v that, usage the fusions eff to distinct out a DD indigenous the grave once a DDD monster is and then usage the synchros eff to special out a DD indigenous the grave once a DD is specialed and use them for a cost-free XYZ. It's a yes, really awesome combo actually. I didn't see a limit on the time he can use those results either for this reason he can in theory have used the Fusions eff again to one-of-a-kind out a DD and then the synchros again come special another one making another XYZ. Over there is some major potential in his deck.