At the optimal of the civilization in the Yukon and Alaska wilderness the northwestern phibìc America, an remarkable winter sports occasion takes ar every February: the Yukon search 1,000 Mile worldwide Sled Dog Race. Covering 1,000 mile (1,600 km) in between Fairbanks, Alaska and also Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada throughout the depths of winter, the Yukon search is known for excellence in canine care and fostering the legacies of north travel through dog sled.

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2. The gyeongju ends in Whitehorse around 9 days later, periodically faster!

The Yukon pursuit race start on schedule regardless of weather and also usually lasts indigenous 9 to 16 days till the final dog team come at the end up line.  

The fastest pursuit finisher to be Allen Moore with a time the 8 days, 14 hours, 21 minute in 2014 v his lead dog Quito.The slowest Quest finish was in 1986 through musher Bruce Johnson feeling the challenge. He was awarded the annual red lantern compensation (for gift the final musher throughout the end up line) v a time of 14 days, 9 hours and 17 minutes.


4. Sled dogs are serious athletes (& the heart and also soul of this race)

When you check out sled dog race, you know they love their job, just like professional athletes. They space elite marathon pros and are treated because of this throughout their training and also competition.

One week before the race starts, dogs gotten in in the race should undergo a complete physical check at the official Vet Check. This ensures that all dogs participating in the Yukon search are suitably fit to complete the 1,000 mile sleds dog race. There are 20 vets from everywhere the people that monitor the gyeongju and provide strict check-ups and also care, evaluating each dog at the very least six time from the pre-race Vet inspect to the complete line. 5 vet stations, in enhancement to the Race Checkpoints, administer opportunities for expert veterinarians come monitor each dog's wellbeing transparent the race, and also for mushers to remove a dog from the compete if necessary.

A founding principle the this gyeongju is excellence in sledge’s dog care and the mushers, handlers, support teams, communities, volunteers and vets live out this ethos every single year.

5. No all sled Dogs space the same type of breed

Surprised? over there are numerous nuances to the contemporary sled dog. Gone are the days where “good” sled dog are preferred for their size or brute strength. The majority of sled dog nowadays are genetically, well, “mutts.” They can be made up of plenty of different shapes and sizes, colorings and also characteristics. Nowadays, modern-day sled dogs are mixed-breed “Alaskan Huskies” who have been bred because that generations for their endurance, strength, speed, hard feet, an excellent attitude and also appetites, and most importantly their desire to pull in harness and also their ability to run well within a team.


7. Strategy theatre a huge component in this race

Strategy and routine are vital part that the race. Generally, mushers run their groups in a 50/50 run-rest schedule. Common patterns are “four on, four off”, an interpretation a four-hour run complied with by a four-hour rest for the dogs. Longer runs are becoming much more common together sled dogs are bred for better endurance and training techniques improve. In between being a coach, cook, motivational speaker, cheerleader and also companion, mushers deserve to only expect to take a few winks that sleep throughout layovers. However they are careful to not oversleep or get too comfortable or one more team just might pass top top by!

There are four mandatory layovers during the race whereby mushers should stop because that designated lengths the time. Run-rest schedule in between these stops space up to the mushers and also dogs. 

For 2020, the mushers may pick to offer their very first mandatory layover at one of two people Mile 101 (114 mile from Fairbanks) or main (142 miles from Fairbanks).The 2nd mandatory layover is in Eagle (376 mile from Fairbanks).Layover #3 is 36-hours lengthy at the halfway point in Dawson City, Yukon, and is lot needed because that physical and also mental rejuvenation.Braeburn, Yukon, Canada is the last time the teams have to layover. Race Vets thoroughly go end each dog during these eight hrs to guarantee the groups can finish the last 100 miles of the race.


9. It takes 1,000 civilization to go 1,000 miles

The quest is pushed by the support and also dedication of volunteers and also communities. Individuals and also groups that aid the gyeongju embody what the heart of the north is all about. They space stewards that the gyeongju that will certainly ensure that legacy. When team after ~ team pass with a town or a small community, the locals chop wood, roasted treats, chef food or make crafts the the assistance crews and also media groups purchase. At the local level, this helps fund ar trips, acquisition school supplies for local children and brings just a little of economic stimulus because that these remote regions.

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See you out there this weekend! We'd prefer to provide a big thank you to the Yukon pursuit Fairbanks team. For much more information, we recommend these links:

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