Hello music lovers! This week’s installment of Albombs will certainly be a genre that ns don’t understand much about. Previously this week i wasn’t sure about what album I must review so ns asked my roommate and also she recommended You acquire What You provide by Zac Brown Band. Keep in mind that barely listen to country, so i wasn’t certain what to expect. Well, that’s the point of this blog isn’t it? come discover new music.


Zac Brown band was is a nation music band developed in Atlanta, Georgia in 2002. The band consists of lead singer Zachry Alexander “Zac” Brown, violin player Jimmy De Matini, base player john Driskell Hopkins, guitarist Coy Bowles, drummer kris Fryar, keyboard player Clay Cook, bassist Matt Mangano, and percussionist Daniel de los Reyes. The tape has four albums: The Foundation, You gain What you Give, Uncaged, and Jekyll +Hyde. Zac Brown Band has actually one money accolades for their music consisting of a Grammy in 2011.

Their 2nd album, You obtain What friend Give, was released in 2010. Since then, the album has sold 1.9 million albums nationwide. You acquire What girlfriend Give consists of fourteen soulful songs, that have helped me obtain a glimpse that what nation music truly is. Right here is the track List:

Let it GoKnee DeepNo HurryI beat the RoadCold HeartedWhiskey’s GoneQuiet her MindColder WeatherSettle Me DownAs she’s Walking AwayKeep Me in MindWho KnowsMartinMake This Day

The an initial song off the album is Let that Go. The very first ten seconds of the songs was reminiscent to The coast Boys v its loud and upbeat percussion. The remainder of the song complies with the very same upbeat tempo v a strong guitar, and also classic sound fiddle. The second track off the album is Knee Deep special Jimmy Buffet — the is an all time favorite of mine! The song presents another upbeat tune of the album through a strong presence the a fiddle, and a satisfied melody, particularly when that reaches the chorus. Ns not fairly sure if there was a referral to Buffet in this song when Zac Brown sings:

“Cause currently I’m knee deep in the water somewhere

Got the blue sky breeze blowing wind with my hair

Only issue in the civilization is the birds gonna with my chair

Sunrise there’s a fire in the sky

Never to be so happy

Never felt for this reason high

And ns think I could have discovered me my own kind the paradise”

Was he introduce to Buffet’s track Cheeseburger in paradise (possibly not through a cheeseburger) Maybe, possibly not, but I’m simply going to think that he did. This track is instantly my favorite song on the album because of Jimmy Buffet, and the feasible reference Brown make to among his songs.

This was my official my an initial time listening to country music, and I am important happy that ns did, and have included some the the song to mine Spotify. Despite I have actually not listened come much, You obtain What You provide is a good country album the exhibits what the genre is all about. I recognize why the genre has a an excellent following, the upbeat, has systematic lyrics, and has many recording songs. That a genre that ns will definitely look into an ext and discover brand-new artists favor Zac Brown Band.

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Overall, the great melodies, and also upbeat vibe provides the album a 7/10. Happy Listening!