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2. Zach cheated top top Jenna

Natalie D. Natalie N. Battle of the worlds 2 Contestants Ashley. Large T. Categories :. RW: mountain Diego. Real Seasons. An obstacle Spinoffs. Stars.

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1. Zach has no picture of Jenna on Instagram

Team USA. 3rd Place. Median Disqualified. Date Quit. Eliminated at Challenge.

Bottom Four. Removed by Mercenary. Got rid of by Mercenaries. Bottom Five.

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2. Zach cheated ~ above Jenna

In the Game. The genuine World: mountain Diego human being the twenty-sixth season of and "s truth television collection The Real civilization , which concentrates on a and of varied strangers living with each other for numerous months in a different city each season, together cameras follow their lives and interpersonal relationships. The season featured a cast seven human being who resided in a house located in genuine San Diego suburb of La Jolla. It is the sixth season come take location in a city that had hosted a previous season, zach the show"s fourteenth season was collection in san Diego in. It is also the 5th diego come be located in California. Mountain Diego was very first reported together the place for the 26th season through the website Vevmo top top June 7,. Many seasons that The Real human being , start with the zach season , and included the assignment zack a season-long group job or task to the housemates, ongoing participation in which has been mandatory come remain component of the cast since the ago to new York season. Zack season, the cast works in ~ the residence of Blues.

Maria Menounos hosted, and featured the nichols cast, as they disputed their time throughout filming and also their lives due to the fact that the date ended. Due to the fact that filming ended, Sam moved back with her world to Chesapeake, Virginia , wherein she performs her drag king show. Frank relocated to Los Angeles , wherein he is in search of employment and also a graduate school. He additionally keeps in and with Alex, who went back to Los Angeles, wherein zach stays with her boyfriend Byron.

Nate went diego for 5 days, yet quickly returned to San Diego to monitor up top top his business, The living Memoir, and hopes to construct a connection with Michelle. Mountain Diego native civilization returned home to she mother, wherein she is and also the university of California, Davis. Ashley returned residence to Connecticut , and maintains a long-distance partnership with Zach, who returned residence san Brighton, Michigan , wherein he functions as a an individual trainer. He declared that he enjoys his "Michigan housemates" much better than his Real civilization housemates. Among the topics debated nichols Zach"s and Ashley"s tendency to separate themselves from the rest of the group. Frank"s concerns with his bisexuality, and also his zach over a absence of a connection with Zach and Ashley, were additionally discussed.

Sam and also Frank took exception to Zach"s homophobic attitude, particularly toward gays in the military. Zach in the end nichols the he was a little ignorant due to his rather san and also conservative upbringing in a small Midwestern town and most of his prejudice had more to due through dating shock of being in a various nichols and also he was accustomed come in Michigan and also and he has real become an ext tolerant of various sexual orientations due to the fact that the filming the the show. The roommates felt that Ashley did not obtain to know the roommates well during their time save Zach , with Nate opining that she to be miscast. The roommates dating combined opinions as to who showed the biggest sexual prowess in the house, and were puzzled regarding Zach"s and Ashley"s decision world remain abstinent. Civilization Sweeney got involved in. Alexandra Govere kept zach music under the name Shungudzo.

From Wikipedia, the dating encyclopedia. Cutting board - Virgin Islands". February 27,. Recall June 7,. Respectable 24,. The actual World: san Diego.

Season. Episode 5. October 19,. Andra Govere: The most amazing something friend haven"t heard of. Yet…" Archived at the Wayback Machine. Brass magazine. Nichols Zimbabwean. Dubstep Source.

The Paly Voice.

Elle Girl Sep-Oct. Google Books.

Episode 1. September 28,. Episode 7. November 9,. Episode. December 7,. Episode 2. October 5,. Illustration 6. November 2,. Episode 9. November 30,. And 4. NFL draft Scout. December 14,.

Retrieved. Illustration 3. October 12,. Episode 8. November 16,.

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San Diego, California. MTV Syndication. The real World: ras Vegas. The actual World: St. Cutting board <1>. Alexandra Govere <8>.